The “blunders” of some famous regarding the coronavirus | News of The Savior


Eugenio Derbez, Paty Christmas, Vanessa Hudgens, and Carmen Salinas are some of the stars of the show have caused controversy with their comments. They applied the saying “quietly they are more beautiful”.

What would happen if in these days of quarantine, there were no social networks? Therefore, a lot of people would at home and bored, not being informed about what is going on in the world, neither knew of the blunders committed by some famous regarding the pandemic of the coronavirus.

As well as what you’ve just read, in the world of show business there are some characters that have used Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, to issue their opinion on the current health crisis. There are also those luminaires that have taken advantage of the situation to take advantage.

Let’s take a look at some of those cases that have raised dust with their comments and their actions. These are characters who are doing well said “quietly they are more beautiful”.

Vanessa Hudgens

The singer and actress said that “people are going to die, which is terrible, but it is inevitable”. That phrase was seen as insensitive on social networks. Netizens lost no time in criticizing it, so the us had to apologize on their social networks. “I am sorry for the way I have been able to offend all of you who have seen my clip live on Instagram,” he said.

Vanessa Hudgens said that death is inevitable, Photo Vanessa Hudgens

Carmen Salinas

The mexican actress was criticized after ensuring that the COVID-19 “is a divine punishment for China for eating dogs and the kittens.” Many of his followers and critics regarded these words as foolish’. The Chinese Embassy in Mexico asked for a public apology to Salinas for considering your opinion as discriminatory. The artist ended up asking for forgiveness.

Evangeline Lilly

The american actress said on Instagram that he had taken his sons to gymnastics, despite the recommendations of social distancing.

“Some people value their freedom over their lifetime,” wrote the actress.

His words placed in the center of the controversy, and according to international media his statements could take her to lose her job in the series “Ant-man” from Marvel.

Sophie Turner, the actress from “Game of Thrones” and wife of Joe Jonas, reacted to those words and told Lilly that I stopped being irresponsible because at this point it is essential to avoid contact with other people.

Evangeline Lilly gives more importance to the freedom to life. Photo Instagram @evangelinelilly

Paty Navidad

The mexican actress Patricia Navidad, who is very active on Twitter, said (among other things) that the crisis of the coronavirus was created to control the population and according to her “everything is mental”. After that opinion, he received a number of comments, however, made it clear that her criticism does not matter to you.


The interpreter of “The dance of the little toad” was reeling in a lengthy video posted on his account Instagram, in which he criticized severely the people who share video funny during the quarantine period. After making public his discontent, many users did see that in these times of crisis it is also good to laugh and be distracted.

Belinda you don’t like that posting funny during the pandemic. Photo Instagram @belindapop

J Balvin

The colombian singer recently launched her production “Colours”, and with it a line of promotional items that included a mask. In social networks criticized him, and by, supposedly, want to take advantage economically of the health crisis.

After being criticized, the interpreter of “My people”published on Twitter a message of apology, assuring that the decision to launch the sale of this product “merchandising” was not his idea, nor had their approval.

“The tweet about the mask itself came out of my account, but it was not with my consent, as I spoke with the marketing team and it is very poorly done, I offer a thousand apologies. That is not the way I act, the less at a time like this,” said J Balvin.

Kendal Jenner

The model climbed a series of infographics from a site called Information Is Beautiful in whose charts suggest that cases of contagion are “mostly” mild”. The netizens that the sister of Kim Kardashin had been irresponsible to disseminate such information, as these data led to confusion.

Kendall Jenner has also issued its opinion in the matter. Photo Instagram @kendalljenner

Eugenio Derbez

The mexican comedian never imagined that a joke made by him would cause so much controversy. In a video that he shared on social media claims to be in quarantine voluntarily with his family; however, ask for help as that was a setback.

“I’m in an emergency situation. I’m here in my house locked up with my family, in quarantine on a voluntary basis. We can’t go out and just have an emergency, recounted Derbez in his video”.