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  • Antonio Echevarría García, become My Cid
  • Defends Nayarit to layer and sword of the coronavirus
  • Raúl Mejía, with the family and without his mustache for his meets
  • Celebrities attend the pass tray by the pandemic
  • Provide million-dollar sums to alleviate deadly virus

TEPIC, NAYARIT.- FROM PALACE National the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced late yesterday the measures to alleviate the economic crisis by the Covid 19, and although in the opinion of the entrepreneurs do not really announced anything new, for our part, we announce to our readers that tomorrow we will discuss exactly what ticked off the president.

Meanwhile let us recognize, as we have done on several occasions now, the dynamic attitude with the governor, Antonio Echevarría García has faced the pandemic.

Another button shows is the text that through your account on the internet gave for the dissemination and in which he expresses literally what I wrote down below:

“In the presence of irresponsible visitors from other parts of the country, specifically in the area conurbated of Guadalajara, even with positive coronavirus, of which we have certainty, I would like to comment on the following:

“You are always welcome, but on this occasion they should stay in their places of origin. We will close club houses, swimming pools, collective and whole attention to their presence.

“I call on the inhabitants of Banderas Bay, to refrain from providing services to those vacationers, who came to houses and apartments as they are at risk.

“If you identify to visitors do let us know the authority to send health services and civil protection to ensure your privacy.”


What good christian means, neither more nor less, to Nayarit, as we said in the school, have someone to defend you, mostly if we consider that the crown jewel is the youngest of the municipalities nayaritas, Bay of Banderas, the capital of the Riviera Nayarit, although today many of its hotels, restaurants, bars and canteens, as those in the rest of the entity, are closed due to the contingency of health that most of us have confined to our homes.


So that makes the celebrities of the state policy, the former candidate of the Citizen Movement to the Governorship, former mayor of Tepic, the former leader of the State Congress, the former leader of the Economists, local and national, former Federal Deputy and former Senator of the Republic, Raúl Mejía González, to the birthday the Saturday before, took a photo in the family, that is to say, with his wife Juliet and their three children, including the charismatic and very capable Member of local, Julieta Mejía Ibáñez, although not a few nayaritas I was surprised to see the recognized political without his traditional moustache.

Raul tweeted the following: “Today I am one more year of life. I’m very thankful. It is time to be more united, let us stay at home.”

Be that as it may, from here we send a big hug to our dear friend, wishing you the best in the company of their family and friends.


So that makes the famous coronavirus, let’s say that through donations millionaires some celebrities have joined organizations to help hospitals combat, and support to those affected by the quarantines.

In full world crisis by the pandemic, the help has emerged from all corners, and now are celebrities who have joined the fight. From helping to raise awareness of the importance of social isolation, to concerts online, or donations to hospitals and organizations that work on behalf of vulnerable people. These are the different ways in which some of the most recognized names in the limelight they are putting their grain of sand.


Through the Foundation, Clara Lionel, the singer will donate 5 million dollars to various organizations fighting the pandemic, which include Direct Relief, Feeding America, Partners in Health, Solidarity Response Fund, and the International Rescue Committee. Additionally, in collaboration with the husband of Beyonce, Jay-Z, will donate 2 million dollars to support the Los Angeles community, migrants from New York and the public schools.


Of the portfolios of the clan Kardashian, but especially those of Jenner, have come out different initiatives. The makeup guru has announced the donation of $ 1 million for the purchase of covered mouths, masks and other materials to protect the doctors that are saving the lives of their patients with coronavirus in hospitals. Meanwhile, it will begin to produce hand sanitizers for hospitals in southern California with Coty Inc, the parent company of your brand Kylie Cosmetics.


In a statement, the actress who has always been known for their altruism, announced the donation of $ 1 million to the foundation, No Kid Hungry, who are working to eliminate the starvation of children.

“Starting this week, more than a billion children are out of school worldwide by the closures, linked to the coronavirus. Many of them depend on the care and food they receive during the school hours, including nearly 22 million children in the united States that depend on the food support,” said Jolie in the statement.

Other celebrities like Kristen Bell, who donated 150 thousand dollars, have been added to the campaign of the same foundation to help provide food to those households that have been economically affected by the pandemic.


Through his last collaboration with the brand of sportswear Fabletics, the singer donated 125 thousand dollars of the amount collected for the sales of goods, the Solidarity Response Fund of the World Health Organization.


The pop queen announced on the social networks of your cosmetics brand, Haus Laboratories, would donate an amount of the confidential money to two organizations to provide food to needy families in the cities of Los Angeles and New York.



The couple of actors revealed via Instagram that will donate 1 million dollars to Feeding America and Food Banks Canada. The aid will be earmarked to the people who need food pantries during this time of contingency and economic uncertainty. Previously donated 400 thousand dollars to four hospitals of the city of New York, one of the most affected in the united States by the virus.


In the fight against the coronavirus is a lack of a vaccine, and that is why the iconic singer country has donated $ 1 million to Vanderbilt University, with the intention of adding support in the search for a cure. Made the announcement via Twitter.


The Korean director and Oscar-winner in its last edition, donated 82 thousand dollars to the Association Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief, according to E! News.


Through its foundation, the singer donated 175 thousand dollars to a children’s hospital in Toronto for the purchase of emergency medical equipment, by allocating all of the funds raised during that month, to that and other efforts against the pandemic.

Other celebrities who have joined these efforts include: Justin Bieber, Ciara, Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Fallon, Vanessa Hudgens, Rita Ora, Bruno Mars, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gwyneth Paltrow, Taylor Swift, John Mayer, and James McAvoy.

For today is all and tomorrow will be another day.


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