the challenge of being a mom and staying on top of football


The name of the american Alex Morgan is one of the more resounding in the world when it comes to women’s football. And the image in which she looks eight months pregnant kicking a ball broke a few paradigms that are installed in the society with respect to women.

Morgan made his debut at the age of 22 in his first world championship, being the youngest player in the selection of american, and now has more than 100 goals in international, 2 World Cups and an olympic gold medal on their shelf.

Morgan will give birth in April

The only thing that did not change their plans is to give birth to her baby, a girl, in April. Instead, the draft to compete, less than three months after he was born his daughter, in the Olympic Games of Tokyo have been frustrated by the coronavirus, which forced them to cancel the event and putting it off to 2021. This situation meant more time for the front to recover.

The IOC did the right thing

However, that didn’t seem to be a problem for the american star. In an interview with the magazine Glamour, said: “If I don’t have a goal to reach, then I am not being honest with myself.”

Anyway, Morgan expressed his conformity with the decision of the Olympic Committee. “All in all, it is the right decision,” he said.

Is that any way to prepare in less than three months after giving birth and in the context of the pandemic, it meant a lot of pressure for the athlete. “I tried to look at it from a team perspective, but I could not help thinking of myself with all of the stress that causes the coronavirus, in addition to trying to recover in so little time”, noted in connection with the postponement of the Olympic Games.

Morgan: “The world is not made for women to thrive”

Although for the champion american questions about his decision to compete -before the cancellation – at Tokyo 2020 after you have your baby in the best moment of his career, it had nothing to do with that women are not able to do both, but with the fact that “this world is not prepared for women to thrive”.

That was when Morgan felt the protagonist of an old debate: “Can she truly be a mom and stay on top of your career?”. Then, he thought: “I have the support to return. There is no reason for you to stop only to start a family.”

“I now have more time to deal with this, and I will have more time with my daughter, without the presence of the eternal questions. I can solve it with a little more calm and clarity. I have to look at the positive side”, he concluded.

How he trained during pregnancy

Morgan kept up his routine during the pregnancy that at the beginning it included six days per week of intense exercise: training in the field of play, weights, spinning classes and races, according to what he told the magazine Glamour.

From the seven weeks adopted a milder version of the routine: jogging regular, physical therapy, physical therapy, pelvic and prenatal yoga.