The children of William and Kate make video calls to queen Elizabeth II in quarantine


In addition to the queen Elizabeth llthe king Carlos Gustavo of Sweden he also gave a speech from the castle of Estenhammar, in Flen to lift the morale of the citizens in full health alert, and now his son, the prince Charles Philip of Sweden, will return to join the Armed Forces to combat the Covid-19.

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The duke of Värmland through its account of Instagram shared a picture that mentions that it will participate in the analysis and evaluation of the Defense Force of the situation with Covid-19.

“On the way to the headquarters of the Defence Forces to participate in the analysis and the evaluation of the Defence Force of the situation with Covid-19, and for information on how to support the society at this time,” wrote the son of Carlos XVI Gustavo and Silvia of Sweden.

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The husband of Sophia Christina of Sweden gathered his family together in the quarantine, however, Carlos Felipe had to leave because their participation could not be addressed via telephone.

“To the greatest extent possible, I, like many others, working from home. Unfortunately, this visit could not be made by phone. However, I am glad that it is still possible, of course, according to the current recommendations,” added the publication where it is seen with his uniform of the Defence Force.

prince Charles

The dad of Alejandro and Gabriel of Sweden is the second son of the kings of Sweden. When he was born, Charles Philip of Sweden it was prince direct heir to the throne but in 1980, a reform of the Swedish laws and it was then that the women had the right to become queen bees, leaving behind his sister, the princess Victoria. Also read: Known to the prince Carl Philip of Sweden, one of the most handsome of the royalty that celebrates 40 years

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On Sunday, the father of the prince Charles Philip he gave a speech in which he thanked the work of the doctors and all those who in these moments are on the front line, working without a break. In addition, he recalled the importance of not leaving the house and has transmitted its optimism.

“Within a few weeks, I will be 74 years old, a considerable age. But this also means that I have experienced many of the crises in our country. I have seen how the crisis help us to re-evaluate, to distinguish between important and unimportant. How the fear turns into an understanding of the severity of the problem and how it can be resolved. And one thing I have learned is this: no matter how deep or prolonged is a crisis, finally come to an end. And when you do, we will all benefit from the consideration and the strength of the Swedish people is showing. This strength will be an asset to our country, in the future we yearn for. It now remains for me to wish you and all in Sweden a Easter nice, despite everything. And although it may be difficult, remember: you are not alone,” he said Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.

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