The collection of dresses of Kate Middleton who have also brought Hollywood stars


The duchess of Cambridge has become a look to look at one of the women of the royalty with a style most admired. In fact, it is the royal best branded waistbandbeing this detail is one of his tricks more distinctive. With fashion choices are fabulous, not missing a nod to Diana of Walesalso we find in your closet pieces that accompany the story. Part of this collection, is formed by dresses with which he has led unforgettable duels of style with Hollywood stars that they took the same design or very similar, simply changing it from color. We collect in this photo gallery 8 occasions that the Kate Middleton took the same bet as an actress so that you can provide answers to the following questions: Who wears it best? Who is inspired by whom?

The dress-inspired seafood

On may 14, 2019, Kate Middleton debuted this dress shirttail navy blue with white polka dots to go to a expaosición in Milton Keynes, north of London. A proposal of the designer Alessandra Rich (1,200 euros), which was inspired by the iconic photography of Alfred Eisanstaedt in which a sailor kisses a nurse in Times Square the day of the victory of the allied forces during World War II. Previously, they had already taken this creation several actresses, one of them at the wedding of Meghan Markle and prince Harry; and Ivanka Trump, for example, what made him a design viral, that up to Zara came to versioning.

Kate Middleton recovers the dress more sought after of the wedding of Meghan Markle and prince Harry