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The jewelry collection of Dior, who has fallen in love with Cara Delevingne

Freedom and originality are two of the most well-known model Cara Delevingne, two qualities it shares with the collection Mimirose, celebrating the twentieth anniversary of Dior in the world of jewelry. With delicate emeralds, rubies and diamonds, the pieces of this collection, Victoire de Castellane are designed to be used on multiple occasions. A whimsical and unique gift that are sure to please.

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Poète support the cause #yomequedoencasa with a creative initiative

Poète want to help you cope with the quarantine of a creative way and, in so doing, collaborate with a good cause. The Spanish firm has created a contest in which everyone who wished could design your t-shirt POÈTE FOR TUTU with a positive message of the situation that we are all living. The winning design will be produced and sold in stores Poète and online and 100% of the proceeds of the same will go to the charity of the winner’s choice. To participate just download the pattern from your website, and upload the design to Stories mentioning @poeteofficial.

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Plans ‘foodie’ when all this happens

But now the uncertainty rule our lives, they will return the days that stay with friends and enjoy passions shared as the gastronomy. Give as a gift to someone you love with a gift voucher for when that time arrives is a good idea. For example, Gaytánthe restaurant with a Michelin star, which runs in Madrid Javier Aranda offers through its website four options for gift giving: Menu Inaurem, (13 steps, 88 euros),Menu, Javier Aranda (16 steps, 127 euros), Menu Inaurem with wine pairing (133 euros) and the Menu Javier Aranda with the wine pairing (€200). All of them imply, without doubt, an opportunity of
the exception to know in depth, when all this happens, the avant-garde cuisine of one of the chefs most promising of the national scene.

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Sanctuary, in defense of nature

This is the story of how to get create the largest marine sanctuary of the earth, in the Antarctic Ocean. The documentary, directed by Alvaro Longoriashows the story of the brothers Javier and Carlos Bardem, spokespersons for the campaign of the Sanctuary Antarctic, in their struggle to get the popular support needed to launch this initiative. With the theaters closed, the documentary will hit home around the world Friday, April 10, through of its premiere in streaming on the following video platforms on demand:Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Apple TV+, Google TV, Vodafone TV, Rakuten TV and Huawei Video.


Flowers, petals and leaves: nature fills the parts of Tous

Earrings and bracelets featuring flowers, leaves that give way to precious rings, pendants that convey the delicacy of nature… Tous it is inspired by the spring season and sets her sights on nature to illuminate a collection starring precious stones, pearls, silver and gold. A jewellery set perfect to brighten up any look.

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A dialogue between artists on Instagram

The art is now of the halls of the museums and galleries in the space of social networks, and comes into our homes without the need for us to go. In Touch it is the initiative that has launched the gallery Carlier Gebauer, with offices in Madrid and Berlin. Each week, an artist of the gallery takes its account of Instagram, and it maintains a visual dialogue with another guest artist. Sunday has also launched the initiative The Breakfast Clubin which a curator or art critic makes a selection of nine works from the gallery and the comments on a text and on their social networks.


Visit Segovia without leaving the house

It is difficult not to recall the easter holidays and trips to that store I remember this time of year. But while we can’t board a train or a car and heading to a new destination or our favourite city, the tourism bodies try to approach these landscapes and places home.

For example, Turismo de Segovia puts at the disposal of the lovers of travel 10 virtual tours to see the city, learn, observe, wonder and learn about its wonderful historical centre protected by walls and towers fortified, and other attractions that have made him worthy of the title of world Heritage City.

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