The former best friend of Kylie Jenner fight for themselves in the show


The life of Kylie Jenner completely changed two years ago when he learned that his best friend Jordyn Woods had become entangled romantically with the boyfriend of his sister, Khloe Kardashian. From there the family vetoed Jordyn, who at that time even living within the mansion of Kylie, but… what has been your life?

The model of plus size earned more fame thanks to the scandal with Tristan Thompson, his name began to appear in all the magazines and entertainment news portals. But with the passage of time his name appears less frequently in search engines, although she is willing to make their way in the world of the show because of something you have made with that intention.

The last year Jordyn Woods he had his first approaches as an actress and this week it was revealed that his face was hiding behind the cloak of kangaroo in the show, “Masked Singer”. Your participation in the program is handled under the most stringent standards, to the point that not even within her family knew that she was.

“I had not realized how distinctive that is my voice, my cadence, and the tone slightly rough that I have. It is also the form in that way and that giggle that escapes me from time to time”, he explained Jordyn Woods in a recent interview she gave to Entertainment Weekly.

So everything seems to indicate that the exmejor friend of Kylie Jenner wants to dabble in music. “It’s going to be an album! They are very attentive because as soon as things settle, I encerraré in the studio to record the topics that I have been creating”, added in a statement to People magazine.