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Few lives have turned out to be as profitable as that of Justin Bieber. Since it was discovered in 2008, the press has recounted each step that the star (already not so) teenager has been in the music industry and in their personal scope.

One of the episodes most talked-about was his appearance on the MTV Awards with a t-shirt of the signature Fear of God that carried the logo of the band Nirvana. Its high price, around $ 1500, was proportional to the number of reviews we received by fans of the band of Kurt Cobainthey demanded that is not returned to carry.

house justin bieber

Swimming pool and esplanade. I Yahoo news

The last case on his controversial taste does not come from his closet, but of one of the houses we rented in the past in Beverly Hills. While the author of Sorry and Hailey Baldwin live the quarantine imposed by the coronavirus (Covid–19) in a mansion that Bieber gave his wife, valued at $ 8.5 million in the same quarter of Los Angeles, is this another house, in Loma Linda Dr, which has attracted most interest these days on Twitter, where they have been generated all sorts snide remarks and comparisons hilarious.

The “looks like a blender of fruit” to comments that equate with a tower of CD or with the operations centre of the BBC. Twitter searches for words that describe the dubious beauty of it was the residence of the singer from December 2014 until February 2015. Although hardly surpass the eloquence of his nickname official: the neighborhood is known as Salad Spinner house (“the house wringer of lettuce”). Nothing this prevented that Bieber paid a monthly rent of $ 60,000 when he lived in the mansion, that he was forced to leave by the continuing incidents of crime against your privacy, including the burglary on the part of some fans.

A challenged design that blurs the boundary between what is private and what is public

house justin bieber

Kitchen (how not to) open. I Yahoo news

This villa of about 700 square meters was built in 2009 by Ed Niles, architect, known for having built some of the most luxurious residences of the exclusive neighborhood of Malibu. Its curvilinear design takes as its epicentre is an open-air courtyard, which mark the whole silhouette of the housing. It is a building of several floors wrapped in glass walls tempered and ribs of steel that provides a panoramic view of the city and the Pacific ocean from any corner of the house.

house justin bieber

Main Suite. | Yahoo news

A home that is so light as little privacy, and that seems best oriented to institutional building than a private residence. “That transition from the interior to the exterior is little gained, other than a window,” says José María Echarte, architect and professor of Theory and architectural criticism in the University Rey Juan Carlos. “There is not a space of fuzzy boundaries such as those platearían Toyo Ito or Sou Fujimotoor the one that you can find in other homes not too far from there. The residence Sheats-Goldsteinfor example, built by John Lautner a few miles of Beverly Hills, is an example of transparency and continuity well understood,” he explains.

house justin bieber

Inner courtyard circular. I Yahoo news

Inside, the luxury is triggered. The mansion houses a suite main, five bedrooms for guests, six baths, and a lavatory. A lift connects the kitchen adapted to the needs Kosher with the covered parking for six cars. The blue marble polishing that meanders the entire stay is Caesarstonethe unique signature of surfaces of quartz and israeli. In the form of footbridges in portugal, leads to a wide esplanade of grass that borders the swimming pool in the shape of a candle and the spa, and that is part of a garden of 2,000 square meters.

house justin bieber

One of the seven bathrooms in sight. I Yahoo news

This shows as obvious and loud luxury is, according to Echarte, one of its major faults. “You lack subtlety, and confusing the size with the scale. Luxury is a space cult and complex, which needs to be well planned, and not so much to put curved glass and steel. There are large luxury homes that do know how to use the scale and proportion of things, what is subtle and hinted at before that exhibitionist, and easy. In Spain, for example, the casa La Ricarda, Antonio Bonet Castellana, is an example of transparency and scale”.

house justin bieber

Input ‘high tech’ to the housing. | Yahoo news

Listed originally for $ 15 million, was sold in the real estate portal Curbed 10.8 million in march of 2014, to go after to rent regime. Other famous tenants have been players in the NBA and brothers Markieff and Marcus Morris. In addition, he has witnessed high-profile festivals, as organized by the rapper Meek Mill after the Grammy Awards 2015. Bieber lent it to his friend’s house to celebrate the awards, inviting more than a thousand people, including Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, and Khloe Kardashian. The Dailymail related how the police had to intervene after cast sculptures of ice and generated fights between attendees up to almost destroy the housing.