The ‘influencer’ James Charles the lia in networks creating a makeup of ‘victim of abuse’ for a photo police


We are in full quarantine, and that they are bored and are dedicated to making bread, to create fashionable designs of fabulous with the metres and metres of toilet paper that have accumulated in the house or to complete all sorts of challenges these days circulating on social networks. In TikTok there is one rather curious, the #MughshotChallenge, in that it challenges the users to publish a photograph showing how it would be the photo of his mugshot, you have a. However, there is someone who will not win the challenge, and that is the make-up artist and YouTube star James Charlesthat has sown controversy after participating in the challenge with a photograph is reimaginaba himself as a victim of abuse, with blood and one eye morador. The photography has not liked anything to the users of social networks, which the qualify of “offensive” what has made the make-up artist the deleted after posting it on his Twitter account.

His followers bemoaned the election of Charles, who asking him to ask forgiveness to all the victims of domestic violence that could have been be offended, and that is realized to be the victim of ill-treatment was not a ‘trend’ that could or should play. After receiving such harsh criticism, the ‘influencer’ wanted to be explained via Twitter.

“Despite the fact that hundreds of other ‘influencers’ and artists have done something similar,” he says, referring to artists such as The Weeknd or Billie Eilish, “I have blotted out the trend of the mug because it has never been my intention to trigger such feelings in anyone, and is a waste of time to try to have an open debate with people who hate me despite what you do”.

The absence of apology has not liked their fansand less in a time like the one we are living, as the period of confinement is especially terrifying for those victims of domestic violence who are isolated and without help with their attackers.