The Miley Cyrus of the past was already prepared for the COVID-19


The american singer, Miley Cyrushas proven to be a tireless advocate of the quarantine, for that reason, they are doing interviews through its account of Instagram, in a program called Bright Minded: Live With Mileyto amuse his fans during the ailsamiento required by the pandemic.

Among the guests’s most prominent celebrity, is actress Emily Osmenther best friend in the series Disney, Hannah Montana. At this reunion he was called “the meeting of the decade”. To others and to share unforgettable moments, recalled that the character Miley was already prepared for the Covid-19.

Miley Cyrus published a fragment of your series and said “this I really am, at this precise moment.” In addition, also used their social networks to communicate seriously with your audience and them claró that “The more treasure, more costly and scarce will be the needs, leaving many without essential”, and invited them to be more “human”.

To end your call, also asked for the pet, “it Is a great moment for those people who, in this situation, can bring something to the table. It is a good time to adopt or foster, but it is very important to talk about financial responsibility and the stress that a pet can cause in a family during this time,” he said.

It should be noted that the singer already has more than twenty (20) interviews and their publications have a 573.000 reproductions each. Like other artists, the singer is contributing his granite of sand to advise to his followers: stay at home and look after the family are the themes that always touch in your social networks.