The more simple! Selena Gomez surprised everyone With this stunning photograph!


Because of the Covid-19 that affects the whole world, many countries have taken the decision that its inhabitants comply with a quarantine to prevent the spread of the virus, and as the stars are not immune to these measures, Selena Gomez he has remained in his home all this time.

The singer he has spent so much time serving the isolation that has decided to open a TikTok to not get bored, where he regularly shares new videos.

Accompanied by his family, as you can see in the photos that you post on your personal account of Instagram, Gomez he surprised all his fans with a postcard shocking.

The more than 172 million fans who have the artist in the social network, have been witnesses to one of his favorite pastimes is cooking, so on repeated occasions, has published photos of its dishes.

But what has caught the attention of fans of the former girl Disney, is the simplicity with which it appears in the publications, because in most of the occasions not wearing makeup, and is always shown peaceful and fun, and until he shows up with a bun on her head.

In the posting where it appears with this, the entrepreneur he saw how it was filled with comments halagándola for being so natural despite being a public figure.

The year had begun in the plane of the best professional way to Selena Gomez, who came back to throw a disc under the name of “Rare”, which turned quickly into a success.