The most comprehensive guide to learn how to wear the braids


The braids are a hairstyle known mainly for its functionality. Provide a style effortless any beauty lookthis light touch that gives this hairstyle requires keys to be achieved, but not for that reason have to be complicated and that is precisely the main reason why it is one of the untouched most loved by women from all parts of the world.

The braids are a hairstyle millennial with an origin from Africa, such is its cultural impact that even celebrities like Rihanna and Zendaya wear it as a symbol of pride of their roots are more ancient and, as tends to happen with it girls, filter through to the collective use of women all over the world in different versions.

In times of stay at home, try to hairstyles easy braid it is a very eye-catching. This style cannot be reduced to the classical braid messy all we know, it can be carried in different ways and for all kinds of manes (yes, even in the short hair), it is only a matter of reviewing what are braids that will best go with you and the precise way of carrying them as quite an expert.

So, here, we present a complete guide to master the braids as every expert and you adopt as your hairstyle for every day.

What type of hairstyle are braids?

The braids are a hairstyle to simple every day.

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The braids are a hairstyle that consists of dividing the hair into equal sections to cross it and thus create unique ways in your headdress. Can be worn in different ways and different forms, the most popular of the last few years tend to styles casual and have been adopted as hairstyles for the everyday use.

What are the benefits to have the braids?

The braids bring many benefits

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The braids are adopted as a hairstyle for the day-to-day due to its rapidity and ability to provide a cool to the touch and very feminine to your beauty look. Among its benefits, we must list one very important, especially if you are one of those who loves wearing hair down and is not accustomed to tie it: the braids don’t cause that annoying headache when it’s been several hours that you wear it or get rid of them and is that many of the styles are casual, it is not necessary to tighten too much the strands of your hair.

There is also talk about the factor entertaining in this hairstyle, because if you love to try new styles and be in front of the mirror until you get the results that you want, make yourself braids can even be considered as a practice fun.

On the other hand, braids are one of the hairstyles more kind to your hair, therefore it only remains tied up from the ends, unlike a ponytail that ‘part’ the hair from very close to the birth, and if use constantly, is not what’s healthiest for your hair.

What type of hair you are better braids?

The braids are very simple to manes long.

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The braids can be carried very well on straight hair and wavy. The first is the one that can be handled easiest way to experiment with a myriad of styles of braids, while for the second, can be obtained as a result is very feminine, if left loose and are hiding some braids between the strands, or, if you are so messy, leaving some hair ruffled by the outside.

In terms of length, it will definitely be easier to make this hairstyle if you have your mane in a size XL, but if you’ve opted for a short style, do not worry, there are also some braids small that can be adapted.

What you need to do braids?

You need to prepare your hair before doing a braid

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To make braid you need to prepare your hair before you begin to make it. For this, it uses the conditioner of your choice and it detangles very well with a brush padded base. It is much healthier and gives a better effect to the hairstyle if you do the braids once your hair is dryonce this occurs, you can use your texturizador favorite, to shape and add attachment to the braid that you select.

How do you do braids?

The braid most basic is the one in which jacks hair, you divide into three parts and entrelazas the left zone and right under the middle section. But there are other braids that have gained popularity in the last few years that you can also try:

How do you do French braids?

French braid.

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The French braids are those who are born since the birth of the scalp to descend creating an inverted form at the tips of the hair. For them, it is necessary to detangle your hair, separate a section and divide it into three parts, these three parts should be linked together under the central zone, later, you must repeat the action but taking more areas of your hair from the sides and so on until you reach the tip pair to tie it with a rubber band.

How to make braids mermaid tail?

Braid mermaid tail.

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As its name indicates, the braids, mermaid tail remember the form of these mythological creatures. Although its structure seems complex, it just requires practice to master. To make it you must divide your hair into two sections and each entrelazarla from left to right and vice versastarting from the tufted lower your hair until you reach the top. The best way to wear this braid, like the French, is despeinándola a bit when you’re done so that it will not stay so tense, this will give you a style effortless.

How to make braids boxer?

Braids boxer.

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The braids boxer are those which encircle the edges of your hair, starting from the highest part. The differences of the past, the most popular way to wear these braids is to make one of each side, to do this, you need to divide your hair with a strip in the middle and braid one of the sides selecting three small tufts to begin, you should always work on the right and the left under the strand in the middle and continue the process of taking more hair until you reach the tips. Remember to tighten it well after each addition entrelaces.

What accessories can be combined with braids?

Belinda wore an interesting way to wear braids.

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The accessories to combine with braids will depend on the trends of each season, one which has reigned recently is to include small rings on or over the braid or in pigtails that stick way too close to the scalp. Another interesting way to wear this hairstyle the proposed Belinda in the Spotify Awards, braiding all your hair in small sections to form a wide ponytail, her locks the interlocking ribbons of different colors, bringing your entire beauty look.

But if you’re more traditional, you should know that the braids themselves are an accessory, so you can’t wear them simply bound with a league of your favorite shade, or transparent to give a touch more natural and you’ll be ready.