The Outcome of the Thief, free on PS Plus


uncharted 4 the outcome of the thief

The last two generations of consoles PlayStation have been marked by proper names that have transcended the passing of the years, to become authentic icons of the brand. Pronounce the name of Nathan Drake means to mention to one of the characters most representative of the exclusive titles from the japanese company. And is that the saga Uncharted he was born on the PlayStation 3 in the year 2007, but since then has not stopped to gather new titles that have been squeezed by the success of the franchise, turning Nate into someone memorable for the sector.

With the release of the saga of Naughty Dog on PlayStation 4, came the title, remastered to the console of the current generation, but also did one of the best games of recent times, Uncharted 4: The Outcome of the Thief. The last adventure of Nathan Drake is one of the most epic that we have seen in the last few years in the world of video games. The narrative that managed to conform to the Neil Druckmann, Bruce Straley and his team, translates one of the titles more impressive that it has received the catalog that is exclusive to the console of this generation. In addition, the choice of the environments in the way to Libertalia also get impress by the incredible aspect of that flaunt the scenarios. One of those video games essential that can not miss in the library of any player.

Such is the success that it has achieved the saga Uncharted in your step for the PlayStation, that the production of their own film adaptation it is already launched, where Tom Holland, whom you will meet by being Spider-Man, will play a young Nathan Drake. It is a symptom additional that demonstrates the great quality of the history produced by Naughty Dog, which have already proven to be a few authentic teachers in this aspect. His other great work of recent times, The Last of Us, will also have their own series on HBOso the narrative that creates the study, california is the best that can be encotnrar in the sector.

And now you’re in luck, because if you have not yet entered in this colossal adventure, you can have this great game totally free with an active subscription to PlayStation Plus, as it is one of the titles that offers the service in the month of Aprilnext to DiRT Rally 2.0 and, in addition, it exclusively for all the Spanish users also includes the interesting proposal national Holfrainebelonging to the program PlayStation Talents. A selection of games that are fantastic that you will provide great hours of entertainment along with your PlayStation 4.

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On the other hand, Uncharted 4: The Outcome of a Thief also includes a online mode that will allow you to experience great games based on the universe created by Naughty Dog along to your friends or other players from all over the world. To do this, you need to a subscription to PS Plus, available from 8,99 euros per month and with that you can also have access to additional offers in PlayStation Store, and enjoy the advantages online that offer you other video games of great depth as FIFA 20allowing you to bring back the maximum competition balompédica without leaving the sofa of your house and showing it to all your colleagues who’s in charge on the field of play. Without a doubt, is one of the titles you will awe at these dates to stay in contact with your friends and you can take advantage of the historical price of 27,99 euros that is available in the Sales of Spring of the PlayStation Store.

If you want to enjoy other type of games with a solid proposal online, you also have available in immense Grand Theft Auto V, whose edition Premium Deluxe is available at these times for 13,99 euros or also the excitement of the basketball with NBA 2K20that is 19.99 euro. The proposals are very varied for that, now that you are home, you can enjoy the best mode next to your console.

▪ Release date: 10/05/2016