The secret of Kylie Jenner to become an entrepreneur


The socialite is the multi-million dollar younger and has a great projection in the social networks

The secret of Kylie Jenner to become an entrepreneur

Kylie Jenner.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Kylie Jenner presumed to be the most young and wealthy of the clan Kardashian-Jenner, and is that the entrepreneur was able to transform his image in all of a business of the industry makeup. And though his mother, Kris Jennerensures that your small managed to make his fortune “by itself”, a great part of his success is due to the projection that gave the reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians. But how did you get Kylie to build your empire? Here’s his secret.

Currently only on Instagram the socialite has more than 169 million followers, that is to say that it is one of the main influencers that exist in the social network. This has been achieved with a lot of interaction with their fans, who closely follow in the wake of his appearance on the program.

In the year 2016 debuted with Kylie Cosmetics advertising your products only through their social networks, that Is to say, Kylie did not start to invest a lot in advertising, since virtually their influence was sufficient to make their millions of fans to acquire their products. In that year he released three kits for lips that are immediately ended. That was when he knew that Kylie would be extremely successful. And the thing just started.

What is certain is that the secret to Kylie was to focus on the things that really obsessed over, this was the makeup which it has always been an important part of your life. Another of his tricks was find your nichethis was on par with the rapid growth of their followers. Finally managed to make the most of that exposure.

So, for your birthday number 18 the smallest of the clan it was priced even more than their famous sisters. There is No doubt that Kylie will have many large projects throughout their life and so soon, it seems that the title of the multi-billion dollar world’s youngest you will not lose it.