The son of Elizabeth Hurley saw altered their plans birthday due to the quarantine


He is the son of Elizabeth Hurley is officially an adult! Saturday, Damian Hurley celebrated his 18th birthday. However, due to the current pandemic coronavirus and the need to take social distance, the celebration was affected. In a recent posting of Instagram stated that “the insulation has drastically altered the plans for his last night as a minor”.

In the photo, we see a Damian resigned himself while still seated in bathrobe leaning a cup in the face. The model is recognized for his strong resemblance to his mother. In the instant the similarities with the actress “To the Devil with the Devil” are inevitable, while letting his long hair rest on your shoulders.

The next day, Damian shared a follow-up of their plans birthday again via Instagram, announcing to his followers, “It is the day of Damian!“. In the posting he posed with a big smile on her face while kneeling on grass and holding it up to your dog. “¡¡¡Finally 18!!!” he exclaimed, the young girl celebrating her coming of age.

The birthday boy explained that he was “too strange to celebrate it properly for a moment so terrible in the outer world (and the social distancing meant that it was not the possibility of conducting a party)“. However, he added: “I have conformed with running euphorically by the field to celebrate the special day”.

Damian, launched her career as a model, joining the ranks of other celebrity s like Kendall Jenner, Kaia Gerber and Gigi and Bella Hadid. His androgynous style has become a true personal brand. Last July, got a major advertising campaign for Pat McGrath Labs, in addition has followed in the footsteps of his mother dabbled in acting.