The stopped driving a stolen car and hides his identity by saying that is Beyonce


Beyoncé the same brand a perfect performance in the Super Bowl, as that is the basis of conspiracy theories of the Illuminati, as that has its own religion, known as ‘Beyism’.

The singer serves for all, even for driving stolen cars, it seems to be. Or that he wanted to make believe a woman who was caught in the police.

Suréna Henry, 48, was arrested last Saturday, march 7, in Las Cruces (New Mexico, united States) after the police discovered driving a stolen car and decided to impersonate Beyoncé, according to reports the british newspaper Metro.

Henry he refused to give his real name to the police, trying to make a pass at all times by the famous singer. The agents, for their part, were obliged to verify their identity with a scanner fingerprint.

The woman assured that he had found the keys inside the vehicle and decided to take it for a spin, although once identified the stolen car, the police proceeded to stop it.

Now, the false Beyonce is facing several charges of illegal appropriation of a vehicle, concealment of identity and obstruction at the time of arrest.

Yes, just like he would have won ‘Your Face is familiar to Me’ if he would have played to interpret the video for ‘Telephone’… A air has, isn’t it?

Beyoncé, in situations surreal

As we have already mentioned previously, Beyoncé is the protagonist of many situations even though they are not present.

The reality is that the super star has stories to bore you, as the theft of your vibrator, which had a cost of 17,000 by being bathed in gold.

And not only that: the artist was also denounced by, allegedly, have done dark magic against Kimberly Thompson, a woman who worked as drummer of the band Queen B in 2006.

According to her, Beyoncé would have done “witchcraft is extreme and black magic”,and in addition would be behind the death of your cat. All this, without any proof. Therefore, the judge dismissed the petition of Thompson, claiming delusions of the plaintiff.