The stylist of Jennifer Aniston encourages you to color at home during the quarantine


The quarantine is a period, where the majority of people are taking this situation humanitarian crisiswith responsibility and common sense, as a preventive health measure to the Coronavirus.

In these moments the confinement at home, is opening up the possibilities for many personalities, celebrities and gurus of the beauty, offering information, advice, tips, help people to breathe, relax, and cope in the best way, is situation of pandemic that is currently facing in Spain and the rest of the world.

The colourist Michael Rib is one of them, known in the world of Hollywood by attending to the perfection, and the manes of celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston and Penelope Cruz, among many other famous women. In an interview on the portal Page Six, has decided to tell before this agency, the measures and strategies that have been formulated to continue attending to his thick portfolio of famous and so that they themselves can retouched the roots of its head of hair in this quarantine by Covid-19.

Michael Ribbed attends online from quarantine by coronaviruses to their clients and send them what they need

As Rib he declares, are more than 30 celebrities, who have requested assistance from the distance, for which this famous colorist, has prepared for each one of them, your formulas to individuals in the a few kits and has sent you so that they can apply them in their scalps, until you pass the situation of isolation at home.

In this interview, Rib has also given some advice to the ladies concerned about the state of your hair in this confinement. These secrets have been reseñandos in the middle Harper’s Bazaar, where he recommended the following: “Buy the dyes in box they are sold in supermarkets and use a formula semi-permanent to open beauty salons. Forget the grey and play with the reflections mahogany, have fun knowing that it is not permanent.

And then your trusted professional will be able to continue where they left off”.

Experience and devote themselves to caring for the hair without fears, for the duration of the pandemic coronavirus

With this council it is highly likely that many women, leave aside the fear caused by the manipulation of the dyes at home. With this invaluable message of an expert colorist to Hollywood, it is very likely that many women will be encouraged to experience a change of lookthat can encourage even the mood and CHEER your hair.

The colorist advises that they should be dyes semi-permanent that would allow to revert the change, in case of need when the lifting of the quarantine of coronavirus.

The quarantine time is opening new spaces to make things, that prior to the day to day activities is not allowed.

Deciding to have a hair like Shakira, Jennifer and Penelope, is presented as a possibility within the reach of women. This guru of the manes, recommends that the colors you choose, to be in natural tones or two tones below the root, and even made tufts.

Take advantage of the use of the Argan oil in this quarantine by coronavirus

It also reveals a secret ingredient for a natural and organic the argan oil and the formula to continue according to the same exposes is the following: “add a few drops of argan oil in your conditioner as usual”.

Argan oil contains vitamins, fatty acids and minerals that help to repair your hair in just a few applications, it is also used to keep the skin hydrated and silky smooth. In this way, with these simple but valuable tips from this famous colorist of celebrities, there are no longer excuses to do touch ups roots and tipsin this quarantine until you pass the alert for coronavirus.

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