The t-shirt of Harry Styles to fight against the Covid-19 and other campaigns to debate


The signatures of fashion and beauty have been involved in combat coronavirus from the first moment. The fight against the pandemic that has stopped the world and has forced millions of people to be confined in their homes has become a priority for large companies in the industry. LVMH, Ralph Lauren, L’oréal, or Armani have donated thousands of euros to help the health authorities to speed up the research of the vaccine. In addition, there have also been mobilized to make masks and gels, disinfectants of hands for hospitals, nursing homes, and pharmacies.

Also ‘influencers’ and singers have wanted to contribute their bit to the cause. One of them is Harry Stylesthat has just put on sale a t-shirt whose profits will go to the Fund of Solidarity Response Covid-19 of the World Health organization (WHO).

T-shirt designed by Harry Styles

T-shirt designed by Harry Styles

The british artist has designed a garment that is very basic in that you can read the messages “Stay Home. Stay Safe. Protect each other.” (Stay at home. Take care of yourself. Protect yourself against each other). A few phrases that politicians, doctors and many celebrities have been reported during these days of quarantine to raise the awareness of people who do not skip the rules.

“In a time like the present, is more important than ever to remember the power of the people. If you can help, make a donation. 100% of the profits from this shirt will go to fight against the COVID-19”, announces on Instagram Harry. The t-shirt has a price of 24 euros and will be on sale for a limited time in your web page.

The t-shirt features the message “Stay Home. Stay Safe. Protect each other.”

This gesture of solidarity has not finished to convince several of his followers. Although many have praised this initiative of your favorite singer, others have not hesitated to point out that the design leaves much to be desired. An opinion that has opened the debate about the role of the famous to help in this fight.

Does it make sense to buy a t-shirt to remember this closure forced at home? What could have been sought out other avenueslike the musical, to raise money for the cause? Are some of the questions that emerge from this proliferation of singers who play design t-shirts-in the case of Harry is not even design-.

Rita Ora with the t-shirt in solidarity

Rita Ora with the t-shirt in solidarity

Another example is of Rita Ora, that a few days ago launched a series of t-shirts, sweatshirts and caps they incorporated a symbol that represented this struggle against the Covid-19. The british also noted in networks that the proceeds from sales will going to allocate to WHO. Two different actions that have not finish to please the people, as many have pointed out that they were not “necessary”. In fact, the pledge of Styles will not come to the houses to within 4-6 weeks, a period in which it is estimated that several countries will already be recovering to normal.

Message from J Balvin

Message from J Balvin

There is also the controversial case of J. Balvinwho wanted to take an economic performance of this public health emergency, with the promotion of a masks sells with a smiley face that has become his personal stamp. Supporters and ‘haters’ did not take long to go over by his lack of sensitivity in a few moments so dramatic and the singer was forced to ask for forgiveness.

A few days ago J. Balvin had to ask for forgiveness for trying to commercialize some masks with her face ‘smile’