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The crisis of the Covid-19 you do not understand of races, nor social status, and the confinement affects the whole world. The days of quarantine have stopped the world and girls of Instagram must look for new ways to “entertain” their followers with new content. I have here, where was born one of the trends that more is expanding in Instagram: with a sporty look and a mirror, the fashion girls show us your day-to-day using the same pose. What trend or coincidence?

A outfit sports and a mirror, the essential thing to be a girl “of fashion”

No clothes of the signature, or outfits complicated, or dream trips: the Coronavirus has the fact that all people are in their houses and that means to become selfies in front of the mirror. With pants oversize adidas tracksuit (interestingly the color gray triumph above all) and sports shoes, these outfits vary in function of the top (from fastener to cropped tops, t-shirts, wide or hoodies).

Ig Confinement Pose Trend 02
Ig Confinement Pose Trend 01
Ig Confinement Pose Trend 04

The star system falls in the networks of this new “trend”

Even the celebrities have fallen into the temptation of posing in front of the mirror with this pose that both triumphs in social networks these last few weeks. No matter how large the mansion Kylie Jenner, the businesswoman makes it clear that trends, no one wins. With a tracksuit Balenciaga and the new Nike in collaboration with Travis Scott, the hermanísima of the klan Kardashian-Jenner poses in her gigantic closet making it clear that his confinement has been embellished with a lot of class.

Ig Confinement Pose Trend 03

Different ways of break the monotony

Far from following the trend, not all the girls have decided to pose the same way. In this way, there are those who want to get away from “typical” and find new ways to make a difference. From a selfie in front of the computer (yes, you can), to a photograph in front of the mirror with a outfit elegant -based pajama fancy and high-heeled shoe – one that breaks with the stereotype of the outfit ideal for days of quarantine, these girls demonstrate that you can be different from the rest by following the same pattern.

Ig Confinement Pose Trend 06
Ig Confinement Pose Trend 07

Photos | Instagram @lucywilliams02, @alexandraguerain, @kyliejenner, @linhniller, @marinathemoss, @chiaracapitani, @camillecharriere


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