This is what happened when Jennifer Aniston saw an Instagram Live John Mayer


Perhaps this girl can’t walk by Instagram in peace?

Currently, many have experienced an increase of their time in free, due to the practice of social distancing. And this, in turn, has led many to spend a long time in the social networks, especially on Instagram, where there are live broadcasts of our favorite stars.

Jennifer Aniston does not escape to this reality, and maybe that’s why during the weekend are encouraged to join as a spectator to a Instagram Live John Mayer… Yes, that John Mayer, your ex-boyfriend!

Of course, the presence of Jen in this Live did not go unnoticed. Take a look at all the details in the clip above.

In February, the duo was seen at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles at the same time. Later, a source from E! News shared that they were not together during that night.

“Both of you come often and it was a coincidence that they were there the same night. Rose to go at the same time and walked through the lobby with their groups, but does not seem a big thing,” said the informant. “John was alone and Jen was with his friends.”

And when asked about their romance in Vogue in 2008, Jennifer had no more than nice things to say about the singer.

“We care for one another. It’s funny when you get to a place in a relationship and both realize, perhaps we need to do something more, but even so, in truth, we love you very much. It is painful,” he recalled in the publication. “There was No malicious intent. I care deeply for him, we talk, we adore one another. And there are the things”.