To suspend or not, hence the question

One more day the coronavirus remains the great protagonist at the global level. Within the sports industry, too. There are few sporting events that are not affected greatly by the crisis of the Covid-19 moving to its organizers a huge dilemma: how to Suspend or not to suspend the competition?.

Yesterday we tried the positions that had been adopted in the world of football. Today we focus on one of the countries that is being punished by this crisis, the united States. And in the sports industry, decisions have already been taken of the suspension of the competition. It is the case of the well-known March Madness, whose edition 2020 has been given by suspended and terminated permanently, a decision that will cost the NCAA most of 1 trillion dollars. Perhaps, for this reason, and having seen these consequences, the NBA to be discussed today between to suspend the season, with losses also in the billions, or continue with a competition that would not be public until we reach a final in Las Vegas. Whatever the decision taken by the NBA with Adam Silver to the front, will have negative consequences for the organization.

Moreover, the industry is still moving. Nike try to save the worrying crisis of reputation in the that got only a few months with a decision that has already been applauded by many sectors: the renewal armored Alex Morgan as an ambassador, pregnant about to give birth. From mistakes you learn and in Nike have due taking very good note of them.

To end, one more episode of the battle adidas-Nike to be done with the great stars of the sport market as ambassadors for their respective brands. With a reality already proven: both the one and the other prefer to sign which will be stars of the future when they are just beginning to appear, a strategy that we have already analyzed very carefully in Marketing Deportivo MD since months ago and with the companies intended to curb the huge payouts that until recently did incorporate your templates to the stars already established.