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The revaluation female you are viewing reflected with great fidelity in stories ficcionadas that seem taken from the life of any woman of today and of the past.

In these times of quarantine, we can enjoy the good variety offered digital platforms to invest our time in content that’s really worthwhile. So today I would suggest three options available for your entertainment.


(Le Bazar de la Charité – Original Title)
This series is a French production values and aesthetics dazzling. The storyline is set in 1897, to tell the story of 3 women who survived the famous fire of the Bazaar of Charity parisian in which 126 people, mostly aristocratic women, lost their lives, and from which develops the plot. Through a constant back and forth of the time we discover how each has lived his own hell of gender-based violence, betrayal, struggle, ideals, defending their rights and freedom, and a temperament of steel to face all of that. It is a single season of 8 chapters ¡Imperdible!


The first thing that catches the attention of this series of 2 seasons produced by HBO is a cast of actors, very diverse in age and physical, that accomplishes an ensemble to be envied.
The plot focuses on 5 women of a social class well-to-do in the city of MontereyCalifornia that is known throughout the school for their respective children, one of prestige in the county. The unexpected death of someone turns them into accomplices and victims of their own hells. But what is interesting is how the history poses, through dialogues very natural, a reality difficult to disguise: women experiencing physical or psychological violence, infidelity, being a single mother, the competitive materialism useless, the man in his new social role, not being the only breadwinner at home and, above all, what education you are giving each of their children in relation to all of these topics.
Mesmerizing and thoughtful.


Oh glorious! that is the word that best describes the series Jennifer Aniston he returned to the small screen. He knew how to do it the hand the better the project that was premiered Apple in this world with a theme as current as the sexual harassment and the movement Me Too that much relevance it had in the US. Accompanies her in the cast Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carrel. The story begins when the presenter of a news morning is suspended after serious allegations of sexual harassment by exploding a bomb in the tv station.
There will be 2nd season in November and the only thing I can say about it is that any resemblance to reality is…a reality!


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