“We are already in phase 3 by Covid-19”; analyze mask mandatory



Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.- Tamaulipas is already in phase 3 of the pandemic by the Covid-19, reported the head of the state Health Gloria Molina Gamboa.

“We are already in stage 3. There are already local transmission that you no longer have to see the presentation of the cases with people from abroad, this means that as the transmission in many parts of the country already have it locally and in Tamaulipas it is not the exception.”

In this phase of the contingency of all business or company that is not essential to your service should be parmanecer closed, only those who service or sell products are required, they should remain open taking extreme sanitary measures to avoid contamination.


The secretary of Health reported that if the number of cases for Coronavirus continues to rise, there will come a time that it will be mandatory the use of face cloths for every person who has to leave their homes.

“As it has gone through the days and the transmission of the disease, is local, has already reached the point in which all that we have to leave, we have to use it for protection.”

The use of the mask has been very controversial in some places, and even the WHO (World Health Organization) recommended only the use of face cloths to patients, and health care personnel.

He explained that there are two types of mask-the N95 upwards that are directed at Health personnel and the traditional that can be used by individuals who do not have symptoms and require protection.

Estimated that who will change the criterion in the use of the mask, making it mandatory as a measure of protection for people who have to leave their homes for the duration of the contingency.