What are the new music without new of Selena Gomez, Ozuna, Rayden and Manuel Carrasco? | Music


¡Last day of the week! Yes, we’re in quarantine and we begin to lose track of time, but we continue to celebrate that arrive on Friday and with him, new music from our favorite artists. So get ready because your weekend will be flooded with these topics.

If the previous week, artists of the stature of Karol G, Anuel AA, Drake, Leiva and The Weeknd decided to inaugurate April high for everything, now comes the turn of another repertoire of voices already recognized by the industry. They are Rayden, Selena Gomez, Ozuna, The Black Eyed Peas and many more others that are attached to this Friday news. I on the lookout!

Friday, 8 April

Selena Gomez – Boyfriend. The announced a few days ago, but finally has become a reality. The singer has brought the special edition of his album Rareand with it has come three previously unreleased tracks: Boyfriend, She and Souvenir. And is that the first of them has come into our lives as a dart of energy. With a few cheerful rhythms, Selena speaks to us about overcoming personal. Because although we have fallen in love with, we do not need anyone more than us to be happy. “A boyfriend is no where near my list of priorities,” noted the artist.

Rayden – Boom Boom Ciao. The phenomenon of The House of Paper it is unstoppable, and that is something that the Rayden has experienced in first person. The singer-songwriter has given life to an EP which has been titled as the name of the series. And it is in him we find songs whose titles are also related to this production of Netflix. Boom Boom Ciao is one of them, which follows the style of rap that so characterizes our protagonist.

The Black Eyed Peas, Ozuna, J King Soul – Mamacita. First it was J Balvin and his PACEand now they have tasted success with Ozuna. The Black Eyed Peas has discovered the triumph unstoppable Latin rhythms and have decided to stay with them… forever? On this occasion, counted with the participation of the finalist of The Voice Philippines, J King Soul. In this way, give life to a theme of Latin rhythms with touches of moombahton us up in a party mood.

Liam Payne, Alesso – Midnight. Following the style of pop that characterized the british, has surprised us with a simple next to the DJ, who brings a touch of electronic music in midtempo. This makes Midnight in the soundtrack, perfect to disconnect from the situation that we all go through.

Belen Aguilera – Bunker. The pianist and singer has decided to fill the Friday with the perfect melody of his voice and the sounds of your favorite instrument. Like Selena, Bethlehem bet for a meaning of self-improvement before that person that it’s not worth the fight.

Paula Cendejas, Feid – Droplets in the Wind. The singer has bundled the blanket to the head to surprise us with the urban beats that characterize it. But on this occasion, he has wanted to count with the collaboration of Feid and his unique style. We have to remember that Feid has worked with artists of the stature of Maluma, Sech and Manuel Turizo, among others. On this occasion, Paula and the colombian delight us with some urban beats in a song that speaks of that feeling that we have when we miss someone that belonged to our life but that is now part of the past.

Alaina Castle – Do not Ever Look Back. If you were looking for the union between R&B, pop, hip-hop and Latin sounds, Alaina Castillo brings the solution. The american singer has surprised his followers with his new single, which anticipates what they will bring in their first EP The Voicenotes. A project that, by the way, will be dedicated to the public anglo-hispanic, as it will mix both languages. In Don’t Ever Look Back, Alaina brings a message of the most inspiring: we must enjoy the moment and not think too much, because one day we’ll look back and we arrepentiremos of not having done so. You have to take advantage of the opportunities!

Manuel Carrasco – Prison Hope. The huelva arrive at the right time. In these times of confinement in which our hopes may be eclipsed by the walls of our homes, this hymn becomes the dart of energy with which many of us can relate. Together, with patience and hope, we will leave it.

And you, what do you think will become the soundtrack of your weekend? Difficult choice, right? Let yourself be influenced by all these new rhythms!