What Sophie Turner (‘Game of Thrones’) has managed to do with Joe Jonas in quarantine


The crisis coronavirus continues to expand and increasingly more people are confined at home. The social networks being a window invaluable for actors and other public figures connect with their fans.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas they are one of the couples who are taking it with humor, and it is that the newlyweds are still discovering things about the other in the coexistence.

After showing off his husband cook and or accuse him of psycho for his strange habit at home, now Sophie is happy because Joe has been given something that she was looking forward to: to do model makeup.

The actress of ‘Game of Thrones’ has been made with shades of purple and a lot enlightening, and has shared proud of the result with their followers.

“In the end has left me to put makeup on” and “The highlighter,” says Sophie in your pictures.

What is beautiful Joe?

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