What you missed it? It does not matter, James Blake went up to his concerts at home YouTube


Adding to the trend of live concerts through social networks, the british singer shared his recitals past on his YouTube channel.

Last Monday James Blake was connected to Instagram for an hour, where he played in his piano songs of their latest albums and covers of Beyonce, Joy Division, Ray Charles and Roberta Flack.

Started with Georgia on My Mind Ray Charles and said that Georgia was one of their favorite places in the world. For amenar the period of social distancing and quarantine, Blake shared Say What You Will, an unreleased track. Ended, saying how nervous they felt when playing live from your phone for thousands of people, but that was not very different to playing recitals and liked the experience.

It is not the first time that you perform one of these interventions by streaming, and only on piano. In December 2019, Blake made a series of presentations of piano in New York and Los Angeles. The 23rd of the last month, sang when the party’s over Billie Eilish, Godspeed Frank Ocean, Limit to Your Love Feist and No Surprises of Radiohead, among others.

Relive the performances below