Who are the bodyguards most handsome celebrities


The vast majority of the celebrities hires bodyguards to protect them from fans, enemies and of course of the unpleasant paparazzi. And the funny thing is that sometimes they are just as or even more sexy than their own heads.

With the diffusion of social networks have given the public and private life of the celebrities largest Hollywood, it is not unlikely that, at times, that will attract all the glances and stolen sighs are his bodyguards. The variety is incredible, a whole range of heights and factions, and just as attractive and worthy of a fantasy style Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner.

Pay attention and don’t miss our list of the bodyguards more hot celebrities.

Peter Van Der Veen, Lady Gaga and Adele

Peter Van der Veen, of Dutch origin has become the bodyguard star of the celebrities and is that we don’t know who is calling you more attention, if the famous that protects or himself. With almost two meters of height, has green eyes amazing and a body of infarction. The bodybuilder has worked hand-in-hand of Lady Gaga and its protected that launched him to fame, the singer Adele. In 2005, he won the title of “Mr. Europe” in a competition of bodybuilding, and after that he left his job as a police officer and became one of the bodyguards more recognized.


Greg Lenz, and Jennifer Lawrence

The handsome young man began to work with the actress about from the 2013. Became famous after the press and the followers of the singers might get tired of linking them emotionally, and how not to… they made a nice couple. However, Jennifer fired and not know why.


Tim Chung and the Kardashian Jenner

After that the youngest of the clan Kardashian Jenner is seen strolling along your beautiful bodyguard in September 2015, the followers did not fail to admire it. All the world of internet is full of praise for the attractive guy of asian origin and more than one I said to Kylie “What do you Do with Tayga?, leave it and salt to your bodyguard who is super handsome”.

Kim and Kourtney also have required the security services of Tim to protect his family. What a envy for having it so close!


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Sebastian and the late Karl Lagerfeld.

Sebastian Jondeau now 44 years old he came to the life of Karl Lagerfeld in the late 90’s when newly finished his military service, and focused on practice box, thanks to these skills and his undeniable beauty, the designer does not hesitate to have him in his life and appointed him as head of his security team. It is known that he was one of the few people worthy of your confidence.
The designer is instructed to elevate their career in other fields such as in the modeling when it became a model for Chanel and currently as a designer of her own fashion line of the same name.


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Julius de Boer, and Beyoncé

It is No surprise that Queen Bey wait for anything other than excellence from your team, and your bodyguard Julius is the perfect example of perfection. Julius is a man divorced and with a child of ten years, however, that does not make it less attractive.


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