WHO asked you to pass careful to lift the restrictions by the coronavirus: “Must evaluate each step” – radio channel


Mike Ryan, director of emergency of the international body, indicated that the nations must first have “an alternate method to suppress the infections”, as the insulation measures “have suppressed the disease.”

The World Health Organization (WHO) he asked the countries that want to lift the restrictions against the coronavirus to do so “in a manner calibrated, evaluating step-by-step”.

The emergencies director of the international agency, Mike Ryan, pointed out that the restrictions in many countries involving the closures of schools, work places and parks. “It’s probably a bad idea to lift all the restrictions (at the time)”said the doctor, adding that no country should exit the current status, without having previously a plan to keep the COVID-19 to manageable levels.

“The restrictions kept suppressed the disease. If you lift restrictions, you first must have an alternate method to suppress the infection.”said the officer, during a press conference in Geneva.

The important thing, he said, is which countries have the methods to detect cases, trace contacts, put people in quarantine, and to apply tests of detection.

For its part, the WHO denied that the masks are “solution miracle” to slow the COVID-19 and its widespread use among the population only justifies when the access to water for washing hands is limited or it is difficult to maintain the physical distance.

The countries begin to assess how to return, little by little, to normality in the midst of the pandemic of coronavirus

“There is No binary response, or solution miracle. The masks alone can not curb the pandemic of COVID-19”, stressed the director of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesusduring the conference she shared with Ryan in the swiss city.

In addition, their use should be reserved for the health professionals due to shortages, and you can be “justified” between the population if other measures, such as washing of hands and the physical distance, they are not easy to put into practice due to lack of water or because the population density is highadded.

Since its appearance in December in China, the pandemic has caused more than 70,000 deaths in all over the world, 50,000 of which are in Europe, and pegged officially to 1.25 million people.

To date, the who has pointed out that it is not necessary that healthy people wear a mask, except if you are in contact with sick.

WHO ensures that the masks are not the solution “miracle” against the pandemic

However, studies cited by the academies american science seem to agree on the hypothesis that the virus could be transmitted by air between people who speak or breathe, and not only by the droplets projected by sneezing or by contact with contaminated surfaces. Even so, the WHO remains cautious about it.

On the other hand, the american artist, Lady Gaga stepped in to direct during the press conference to announce a concert that will be broadcast on television and online on the 18 April “in support of the health professionals on the front line” against the pandemic.

In the show will participate Andrea Bocelli, Chris Martin, David Beckham, Elton John, John Legend, Keith Urban, Lang Lang, Paul McCartney, Priyanka Chopra, Jonas, Shah Rukh Khan and Stevie Wonder.

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