Who would you spend the quarantine? The game that you choose athletes or celebrities to lock you in a house


Currently a large part of the countries are in quarantine to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, and challenges to keep you entertained during this time they have been very creative and fun.

Twitter is a fun “survey” where you must choose your co-quarantine: it is about different houses with famous characters.

Each of the six hypothetical situations is home to five different celebrities, including members of the royalty, singers, actors, tv personalities, comedians, directors, and athletes.

Who have devised the combinations would not facilitate the game. While the responses were mixed in all areas, the “five home” (with Jennifer Lopez, Lebron James, Post Malone, Jennifer Aniston, and Gordon Ramsey) was a favorite, due to the fact that many people would love to be in quarantine with a professional chef .

Even Gordon Ramsey joined the game, only that he asked for help to one of the members of your house to cook.

Immediately, LeBron James she volunteered to be the sous chef of Gordon Ramsey.

“I’ve heard that I’m good with the assists,” joked King James.

ESPN took the game further, making homes with the athletes more relevant in their sports. Can you imagine living with Neymar and Conor McGregor in the same house? Do you or Messi with Megan Rapinoe? And what about the house where they would live a Christian and Mayweather?

What would you choose you?