Why never premiered a film solo Cyborg?

At some point in 2014, DC and Warner Bros. announced several movies for the characters of comics, some of them solo, however, this character never received his treatment to continue with their own story and here’s why not released a movie of Cyborg.

It was supposed that today would be the official premiere, with so many years of distance between the official statement and the premiere, one would think that there is enough time to be able to put together a good production team, but all of that, the delays, the excuses and the lack of interest were their greatest enemy.

Of the ten films they announced six years ago, Victor Stone was the only one who has not got writers and a director immediately, so that you could tell from then that they had not had haste, another big problem was the money, the production needed to invest much in the character, because the suit you should wear the actor is made completely of CGI.

When it comes to investing much, without knowing the profits, Warner Bros. you decide not to take the risk, that’s why ‘Joker’ was an unprecedented success, already gave the minimum to Todd Phillips and with that managed to make it work. Won much, but much more than the money invested.

But not all will have the same way and less with failures as ‘Justice League’ to slopes. Clear that this was not the first time that we saw the character, that was in ‘Batman v Superman’, so that it was thought that one of the possibilities, it was that it had its beginnings. But it seems that this will never happen, DC and WB are very busy with those who know how to give money as ‘The Batman’ and even ‘The Flash’, which could appear Cyborg.

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