Wife of Tom Hanks leaves strange instructions for his death


Rita Wilson confessed to find that he had contracted a deadly disease, he requested her husband, the renowned actor Tom Hanks, a couple of strange requests, if she was to die.

During the transmission of the talk show Kelly Clarkson, Wilson recounted the time that after knowing that he suffered from cancer of the breast, in 2015, sat down with Tom to ask you two rare applications.

I wanted to keep one of those conversations very serious with my husband, and I said, ‘Look, if something happens and end up marchándome I before, I want you to know that there are a couple of things I would like you to do for me,’” said Rita.

Thereupon, the actress confessed, to the surprise of many, who asked him to Hanks that was very sad for his death. “In the first place, I want you to be very sad, devastated, for quite a long time… or otherwise, I will be back to tormenting yourself”.

In addition to this request, you also indicated how you want your funeral. “The second thing is that I hope there is a party. I want to organize a celebration, and that there is a lot of music and dancing, and people tell stories and that is as well as I remember and I pay tribute”, finished off.

It should be recalled that the couple got more media then be announced that both were infected with covid-19, so they were placed in quarantine and weeks after you were discharged.

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