Will Smith will be a presenter of television


Mexico.- The actor Will Smith return to the comedy of the hand of the streaming platform Quibi, which is called “This Joka”.

The career of Will Smith since its inception was linked to the comedy. Although after starring in ‘The prince of rap’ the actor bowed himself toward the action and the drama, now, thanks to this new production of 16 episodes will invite comedians-veterans and rookies to “explore the nature of the comedy and its unique ability to bring people together”, said this Thursday in an exclusive the specialized Deadline.

The project will include monologues, stand-up comedy in front of the public, interviews and reportsaccording to the comedians, behind the scenes of other shows that are performed in the entertainment capital of the world.

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In addition to being the presenter of the show, Smith also exercise as producer this format through the company’s Westbrook Studios, founded by the actor and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

The comedians who will be part of the television project are Baron Vaughn, Megan Gailey, Punkie Johnson, Sean Patton, Rosebud Baker, Shane Torres, Clayton English, Christi Chiello, and Vanessa Gonzalez, among others.

The launch of the new platform is planned for next April 6which , until the time within your catalog includes a new series of the british actress Sophie Turner, who rose to fame for his work on the HBO series “Game of Thrones”, and will star next to the american Corey Hawkins, in addition to the program “Thanks a Million”, a competition reality show that will divide a million dollars, and will have the participations of Jennifer Lopez, Anthony Davis, Nick Jonas, Gabriel Iglesias, Aaron Rodgers, Karlie Kloss, Yara Shahidi, Kristen Bell, Kevin Hart and Tracy Morgan.