With whom does this now Jessica cediel after seeing of Exatlón?


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Jessica Cediel After Seeing

The news of entertainment this Friday begin with the man that Jessica cediel after seeing is devoting his time after the break with Mack Germain, according to what showed itself in their networks.

In the same way, Mary Celeste without makeup, the confession of Salma Hayek from the havoc that is doing the quarantine in it, and the donation millionaire Cardi B, are news.

Stay with us and keep up to date on these and other news of the day in largest deployment:

1. After a fight with his ex Jessica cediel after seeing is dedicated to taking care of your dad

Jessica cediel after seeing has been in the midst of the controversy, at the root of the confrontation that has sustained social networks with your ex, Mack Germain, contestant Exatlón whom he met at the cancelled show.

And in the midst of the difficult moment that crosses the former presenter of the tv programme, the beautiful colombian just to show that now in full quarantine only has eyes for take care of your dad.

“My old man… I love him?? Family and you? Have gained, lost or maintained? Tell me puesh ???
#momentosinvaluables #quarantine #daddy”, said the cheerleader, after sharing in their social networks a video together her dad.

“Smile… ? when you experience grief in your life means that God is at work in you and is preparing for what is coming.

Remember, there is No human being that may hinder the purpose that God has for your life. It is not a matter of winning or losing in a discussion is a matter of not losing my heart and thank God not what I lost. Girls take care of your heart. Learn from my mistakes.

Learn to read the signs in time. The heart is a treasure,” said Jessica, referring to her failed engagement with the gringo.

2. Laura Bozzo will be with his fans in the quarantine

Laura Bozzo recently premiered his Youtube channel and in the middle of the quarantine has decided to be closer to their followers.

The peruvian said in his Instagram that during all these days that for the period of their confinement, will be keeping constant communication with your faithful fans, through technology.

“I rejoiced the day with your comments on the Instagram live. That is why starting today and in the duration of the quarantine will be with you always to 4 pm (Of Mexico) to be able to converse ?I love you,” said Laura, 69-year-old on his Instagram, who sent an encouraging message.

“Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space,” said Laura.

3. Mary Celeste poses without makeup

María Celeste Arrarás wanted to show the natural and posed without makeup on their social networks.

The presenter of the tv program Al Rojo Vivo hung up on his Instagram a picture lying on the bed, at the end of the day, after make-up removal totally the face and ready to go to bed, where it looks radiant and rejuvenated.

“After a long day of work, the most simple is what most fills you”, was the comment with which the cheerleader of 59 years, accompanied the publication.

The photo of Maria Celeste with the face washed caused such an impression among the followers of the hostess, who immediately began to fill their social networks with a sea of messages where the praised for its immense beauty.

“How beautiful you look Mary Celeste”. “you looks younger without all those layers of makeup you put on,” “as lights, gorgeous”, commented some people on the cheerleader.

4. CardiB announces million dollar donation to victims of the coronavirus

The singer Cardi B wanted to join the initiatives of other celebrities to lend a helping hand to the victims of the coronavirus and announced that he would donate $ 1 million dollars.

The interpreter said that the money is distributed through the company’s “fashion Nova” between those who register and request financial support have been affected by the coronavirus.

The distribution will be in the next 42 days, and to qualify you must enter the interested in the support for the web site fashionnova.com/cares counting on your needs.

5. Salma Hayek confesses that he is losing his head in the quarantine

Salma Hayek like millions of people around the world is confined to his home, in the middle of the quarantine imposed by the crisis of the coronavirus.

And it seems that the bull run is already making mischief in the mexican star, well, you just confess that he is scratching a little head.

The star of the big screen hung up on his Instagram a funny picture, in which is observed on top of a table, in what seems to be a yoga posture, holding the feet with the hands.

“When you start to go to the wave after three weeks in quarantine. #challenge #yogainheels #quarantinemood,” said Salma.