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The growing involvement -and success – of women in various sporting fields is no coincidence. In the second half of the TWENTIETH century, pioneers such as Billie Jean King (tennis), Mia Hamm (soccer) and Wilma Rudolph (athletics), to name a few, paved the way for today’s women to have the freedom to demonstrate their talent, effort, and courage in the discipline who wish to and are, in addition, recognized for it. And, what’s more important: being seen by same.

To purpose of the documentary “The story of Ronda Rousey: through the eyes of my father”, the following list includes six women athletes who, during this decade, they took advantage of every opportunity and ended up writing his name in the history books.

Ronda Rousey

When asked, in 2011, to Dana White about a possible inclusion of women in their already successful business of mixed martial arts, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, his response was blunt: “Women will never fight in the UFC”. That, of course, assure you with such firmness before you meet Ronda Rousey, the olympic medallist in judo that profoundly changed his vision for a sports partner -since its inception, back in 1993 – to an excessive masculinity. To what is incorrectly called “male”.

To defeat germany's Annett Boehm, Ronda Rousey became the first american to win an olympic medal in judo women. (USA Today)
To defeat germany’s Annett Boehm, Ronda Rousey became the first american to win an olympic medal in judo women. (USA Today)

Then represent the united States at two consecutive Olympic Games (Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008), Pan-american and World Championships, Round changed the judogi and tatami mats for the gloves and the octagon, and began, in 2010, his career in mixed martial arts. Three victories on the amateur circuit and six as a professional (all in less than a minute, thanks to the armbar, your feature key) the catapulted him into the UFC in 2012, where she became the first woman with a contract and, also, in the owner of the first title female: the Championship bantamweight.

The rest of the story is already known: Ronda defended his title successfully five times (setting a record of 1094 days as champion), to link two consecutive defeats, against Holly Holm, Amanda Nunes, and put an end to his career in MMA. In July 2018, when it triumphed as a champion in the WWE (wrestling), Rousey was featured as the first woman in the prestigious Hall of Fame of the UFC.

Simon Business Days

Just watch a replay of their sophisticated routines in the Olympic Games of Rio 2016 in order to appreciate the talent that has Simone Days. With only 23 years old, the gymnast american sum -among his many titles – six national championships, five world championships and five medals in Olympics, four of them gold.

After a childhood complicated, where he suffered, in the flesh, the substance abuse of their parents and had to go through systems of households of livestock breeding, Bill was adopted by his maternal grandparents and, today, is the accomplished gymnast american has the largest number of titles and the third in the world, with 30 medals. You still have a long career ahead of her, but the young of Columbus, Ohio, is already considered as one of the best gymnasts of all time.

Serena Williams

Be the fruit of the marriage between Oracene Price and Richard Williams -two renowned tennis coaches-begin to play alongside her sister, Venus, at four years of age and move out of town to the nine to receive a training more custom gave as a result to the athlete more dominant not only of this era but perhaps of all time. What your name? Serena Williams, though you might also call the absolute owner of the tennis as we know it.

Since 1968 (the year in which began the Open Era), Williams accumulated 23 Grand Slam tournaments, something that, throughout history, no man or woman had achieved. Today, with 38 years, it is impossible to contradict the fact that his performance has diminished, but the u.s. maintains the 9th position in the WTA rankings and the living hope of return to win a Grand Slam, something that was not achieved from 2017.

Alex Morgan

That, just weeks of becoming a mother, Nike has renewed the contract to Alex Morgan and included a clause of maternity leave of 18 months of payment without the need to compete, not only reflects the good -and necessary – values of the north american company, also displays an unshakable confidence in the talent and quality of Morgan as a professional player. And well-deserved what you have. The current front of the Orlando Pride led to the selection american -where he shared the captaincy with Carli Lloyd and Megan Rapinoe – to get the olympic gold medal in the London Games of 2016, raising two Global Female (Canada 2015 and France in 2019) and one u-20 in 2008, in Chile.

Women's world: The talented Alex Morgan, scored 5 goals and gave three assists in win 13-0 united States
Women’s world: The talented Alex Morgan, scored 5 goals and gave three assists in win 13-0 united States

Individually, the awards do not remain behind: Alex, cover in the video game FIFA 2016, along with Lionel Messi, has been four times nominated for Player of the Year in the Concacaf, and two times Footballer of the year in the united States. A real ‘crack’!

Amanda Nunes

Ronda Rousey installed the female presence within the UFC and then the dominoes for many years, coming to be regarded as the best peleadora in the history of the sport, but mixed martial arts female, from 2016 onwards, we belong to one woman and this one is called Amanda Nunes.

Thanks to her past in various disciplines (such as karate, boxing, and brazilian jiu-jitsu), the varied technical repertoire of the ‘Leon’ was his best ally when he decided to devote himself to MMA. In fact, in his entry to the UFC in 2013, it took a meeting who gets in their way. Germaine de Randamie, Sara McMann, Valentina Shevchenko, when least expected, the born in the outskirts of Salvador de Bahia defeated Miesha Tate and tied the Championship bantamweight around the waist. A couple of years later, the beat Cris Cyborg, added its second title: the Championship of Featherweight, becoming the first woman to be champion simultaneous two categories. Today, it is the number one ranking in the pound-for-pound and save a record professional of 13-2.

Megan Rapinoe

Be the cover of the prestigious magazine Sports Illustrated -where have posed great athletes like Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, Evander Holyfield and Roger Federer – is not a small thing, but the american Megan Rapinoe, after a brilliant 2019, you can say you achieved it, you reached the top. Used to perform all kind of sports, of small, the world of football thanks you for having chosen the ‘sport king’ as their own.

Rapinoe plays in OL Reign, u.s. club that is part of the family of the Olympique of Lyon. (AFP)
Rapinoe plays in OL Reign, u.s. club that is part of the family of the Olympique of Lyon. (AFP)

With his country, the midfielder knows what it is to win two World Cups (Canada 2015 and France in 2019, where he received the Boot and the Golden Ball) and also taste the gold medal at the London 2012 Olympic Games, while with Lyon, his club, won the Cup of France, the League of France and the second in the Champions League Women 2012/13. Off the court, Megan also fight every ball: fight against sexism, racism, wage inequality between men and women, homophobia, and up with president Donald Trump. Rapinoe is already a global icon.