5 things you probably didn’t know about Jennifer Aniston


Without a doubt, Jennifer Aniston plays an extremely important role in the entertainment industry and popular culturebecause for years, it defined the sitcom in television through his role in the series ‘Friends’ that’s why we leave you here 5 things you probably didn’t know about the actress.

I met Brad Pitt on a blind date!

At the end of the decade of the 90’s Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt became one of the most media partners in the industry of showbiz and although it would have been a little more romantic that you had met another way, what is certain is that both personalities they met thanks to a blind date, which was planned by their respective agents.

“The Rachel”

The impact of ‘Friends’ in the popular culture, especially the role of ‘Rachel Green’, it was so much that even his hair cut in the iconic series was brought to real life by many of his followers under the name of ‘The Rachel’, becoming a whole trend, and although many used to love him, what is certain is that for Aniston was not quite to your liking, as it admitted in 2014 that it was extremely difficult to keep it.

Before being an actress, she worked as a messenger

Every actor has his own story before reaching international fame and Jennifer Aniston is a clear example of this, as before becoming the critically acclaimed actress who is today, Aniston worked as a messenger, a receptionist, and even, as a tele-operator… Did you know?

Suffered bullying

When I was a young student, was a victim of bullying, this, because the famous ‘Rachel Green,’ I used to be somewhat overweight, which is why it became a victim of teasing… Life, however, reward him after; for, already consolidated as an actress, Jennifer Aniston was named as the most beautiful woman in the world by the magazine People in the 2016.

His fortune is valued at $ 300 million

For years, Jennifer Aniston was the star highest paid on tv and thanks to this, as well as his career in the cinema and various sponsorships, the ex-partner of Brad Pitt has a fortune valued at nothing more and nothing less than $ 300 million; this is what revealed the acclaimed site Celebrity Net Worth. It is worth mentioning that, until today, the cast of ‘Friends’ you are still receiving between 10 and 20 million dollars on the royalties.