50 Cent back on the feud with his estranged with his son, marquise


It is always sad to know that the relationship between a father and his child is separate, but it is even worse to be a witness of how things develop in a public way. 50 Cent and his adult son, Marquise, have been exchanging blows for years. The two seemed to have a close bond, with Marquise present during the early days of the career of the 50’s.

50 Cent and Marquise via Twitter

Unfortunately, things have changed, and the two do not seem to be close to reconciliation. After the most recent revelation of the 50 that would change his son by the rapper 6ix9ine, fans are wondering what went so wrong that the two can’t agree. Marquise responded in its own publication on social networks.

The relationship of 50 Cent and Marquise became strained because of the problems from 50 Cent with Marquise

50 and Marquise have had a loving relationship before it all came out well. According to 50, their relationship started to tighten after 50 and the mother of Marquise, Shaniqua Thompkins, broke up in 2008. After that the mansion of $ 4 million Thompkins caught fire, accused 50 of being involved after his attempt to dislodge her failed. From there, 50 alleged that Thompkins intentionally kept his son away from him.

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50 told MTV News in 2008 when it refused to fund the lifestyle of Thompkins, she used her son as a pawn. Finally, he says that the Marquise was on her mother’s side. At that time, 50 was sad for their strained relationship.

“I don’t think you want your mother to feel that it is a traitor,” said the rapper. “The time spent away is time that he developed this thing that is afraid to break up with her. There is nothing you can do about it. This is the most hard [thing I’ve had to face]because he is my motivation. “

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From there, things only worsened. 50 threatened to take to the Marquise of his will in 2012. Marquise was 16 years old at that time. After the second child, 50, Sire, was born in 2012, Thompkins spoke and claimed that 50 had not seen Marquise in years and Marquise felt replaced by Sire. To Marquise it hurt him to see 50, and the close bond of Sire in the social networks. The two still have not come to a better place.

50 Cent says that would change his son by 6ix9ine and rekindles the enmity with Marquise

50 had a working relationship with 6ix9ine before his prison sentence, but distanced himself from the rapper for what he considered that he was breaking the “code of the street” after 6ix9ine “mocked” of several people in the music industry to save more time in jail. While published in Instagram on 7 April, was asked 50 if he had had news of 6ix9ine since getting out of prison.

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“No, I have not had news from him. He is the son of your mother now. He said to all, “ said 50 before receiving a blow to Marquise. However, it is better than Marquise. Take it before taking my current [son],” He laughed. “F ** k that ni ** a”.

It wasn’t long before the Marquise listen to the comments of his father and clapped his history of Instagram. “Did I just say that it would require, however, a rat?” asked the young man of 24 years. “Aww nah, I don’t want to be a part of that cheese. I don’t know what you are going through there. That is another shit. It’s stupid!”

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Marquise seems to try to keep quiet during the last few years with regard to his father, only speaking in response to the comments of 50. However, People magazine reported that sources close to the situation believe that Marquise is to attract 50 jumping onto the social networks between your father and others who do not involve.

In 2017, Marquise released their single debut “Different”, where he opens up about his relationship with 50. “I lost my pops, is still living,” raps.

With luck, the two of you can leave things outside of the social networks and move in a more positive direction in the future.