Alexa Dellanos boasts a photo before their surgeries Amazing!


Alexa Dellanos it has been characterized as a very sensual woman and sexy after you become a celebrity in Instagram, when adding more than 2 million followers, while a new snapshot caused too much tenderness.

The sexy model who is the daughter of Myrka Dellanos has been left so shocked his followers by their recent photographs as they enjoy posing with clothing in a very transparent, revealing your beautiful figure.

To Alexa Dellanos likes to climb up horny images, as one of his greatest admirers is his famous mom, who has supported his daughter after the drastic change that was made to be done various cosmetic surgeries.

But something that has left you crazed fans of the model, was a picture that came up of her past, where the beautiful girl didn’t have that many arrangements aesthetic, and so he left marvel to its fans.

So lucia the model before the surgeries

In the snapshot you will observe the the famous look so tender and lovely with a big smile, while we stopped to photograph; that image was one of the unforgettable stages of your childhood that you enjoyed the model.

The mom of the sexy model said that at that time his beloved daughter was only 3 years old, it was a perfect time for the presenter, who also emphasized that his daughter is too beautiful and that will always be your baby.

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The unflattering comments were made present in that image that came up Alexa Dellanos its official account of Instagram, because for the first time the fiery woman forgot the provocative photographs in g-string to share a tender moment from her past before the surgeries.

Photo: Instagram.