‘All the aliens, get to their homes’


It is part of the campaign in Cuautla, Morelos, with the elements of safety invite the inhabitants to respect the contingency to avoid contamination by Covid-19


There are ways and ways of invite to stay at home. In Morelos reported 30 cases of coronavirus Covid-19, have been ruled out 194 and are 100 as suspects.

Under this context, it reinforced the campaign to invite the people of morelos, she to remain at home; but there is one very peculiar that took force in social networking and gave in Cuautla.

“Cower in their homes. To all the aliens that walk in the street, please return to your homes, we know that to you nothing happens to them, but humans we are afraid to infect us”, is heard from a speaker of the unit 00684 Police of Morelos.

According to local media, the idea is that the people become aware and sensitive to the contingency measures of health, according to observations of the director of Industry and Trade of Cuautla, Delfino Morales Marín.

Are not holidays, get to their homes… Those who are in the gossip depart to their homes, cease to be a tattletale, it is a public health emergency, it is not gossip”, is disseminated.

And although it seems laughable, close the message through Facebook shared the user Antonio Infante:

“We see that there are people who do not have a conscience, but he also has no right to risk the lives of others. We are talking about those people that it seems they are on vacation strolling through the center of the city.”