Allison Lozz and her daughter London struck by their great similarity


The exactriz Allison Lozz left its mark on the small screen, to participate in a variety of telenovelas Televisa, in where he quickly rose to fame and, just when I was at the top surprised ucon an unfortunate news for many of its fans; leave the small screen to raise a family alongside her husband Elihu Gutierrez.

It was in 2008-2009 when he saw for the last time on the small screen to Alisson Lozz, on the soap opera in the Name of Love where she played Paloma Espinoza de Los Monteros Díaz. However, after this novel, as never appeared in the tv until it was rumored that he had contracted marriage with an old acquaintance, Elihu Gutierrez. It was in 2011, when another news surprised their fans by advertising that Allison had become the mother of his first daughter named London.

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The images of the small London started to circulate in social networks and after a few years of know Allison Lozz , only through social accounts not verified, it has unveiled some details of the life of the exactriz. One of them is that she is the mother of two girls and is devoted to preach the religion of Jehovah’s witnesses.

However, in the latest images that have been circulated through various social networks, many of his fans have not stopped to admire the beauty that they possess the daughter of the exactriz and the great resemblance that has the major you are with her as two drops of water!!!.

Some of the soap operas that the talented Alisson participated were: Código F. A. M. A., Alegrijes and rebujos, Mision S. O. S, Rebel, The two sides of Ana, to The devil with the cute, The rose of Guadalupe, Kika, episode: Reggetonera and In the name of love.

Like Allison Lozz other artists, such as Adela Noriega, Angelica Rivera and Marisol Santacruz are some of the actresses who are far away from the tv from several years ago, and that despite the fact that it has been a long time, their fans hope to some day be able to see again on the small screen.