Andrea Legarreta e hijas exercise to the beat of ‘Eye of the Tiger’

Andrea Legarreta e hijas exercise to the beat of ‘Eye of the Tiger’. They have always been characterized by being a family is very fitness, as well as continue to demonstrate.

The family Rubin Legarreta is the owner of the gyms ‘Commando Studio’, which is suspended by the pandemic of the coronavirus.

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One of the drivers of the small screen that has been characterized in recent years by having a legs of heart attack is Andrea Legarreta.

Their 48 years of age, the driver of the program Today still retains a body of quinceanera, this is because every day he performs his arduous exercise routines.

This good habit has been transmitted to their daughters, Mia and Nina, who are all a few adolescents also shared the taste for the exercise to have their famous dads.

Although they were training in their gyms ‘Commando Studio’, for the time being have not been able to do so, however your home does not have lost the time and mom and daughters showed so.

Daughter of Andrea Legarreta shared on social networks your routine ...

Due to that your account of Instagram Stories Andrea Legarreta shared a video where it appears training along to their daughters, to the beat of ‘Eye of the Tiger’, so he put the following description on the video:

Today we had a routine together! In family everything is better… It’s time to bring out the best of us… as Well as many of us are taking the opportunity to clean our homes and reacomodarlas, it is a good opportunity to “clean up” and “rearrange” bad habits, character defects and attitudes that hurt the people we love and ourselves…,” he said.

It is worth mentioning that Andrea Legarreta celebrated the first of April, 20 years of marriage with Erik Rubin, they celebrated with a romantic dinner that he organized along with his daughters Mia and Nina, who that night became a waitresses ‘ to serve and to consent to their famous dads.

Andrea Legarreta e hijas exercise to the beat of ‘Eye of the Tiger’

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