Appeared as a key witness to the possibility of Cinthia Fernandez is the granddaughter of Horacio Guarany


The landing Cinthia Fernandez in the media occurred under the supposed granddaughter of Horacio Guaranyso we commissioned her to attract attention and begin to appear in front of the cameras. A version that could never be verified, since the singer has not commented publicly, nor was a DNA test.

All that cloak of suspicion was installed, even if you are later diluted by other qualities demonstrated by the brunette, either by its beauty, his tongue sharp, or its artistic qualities. However, the subject returned to the tapate yesterday when Yanina Latorre the rebuked the air The angels of the morning bringing that history in order to justify the description of a liar.

With the aim of pursuing the news, LAM found a reliable source and interviewed Daniel Spinelli, who was the friend and representative of Horacio. The guest described with a luxury of details what happened at that stage, ten years ago.

Cinthia called insistently to the representative of Horacio, Rubén López, to ask for a chat with him. That meeting was held over lunch in a restaurant in the centre of Buenos Aires. Cinthia, Horacio and Ruben. She asked him please to Guarany to help her because she wanted to make a career, she liked the tevé, and I wanted to work in theatre” he told Daniel.

To further dissipate all doubts, Spinelli said: “It is not true that she is your granddaughter. We all know that Guarany never had a claim of paternity, there or not the DNA. For the family (of the artist) this is a sketch comedian”.

In addition, he said that this idea does not
came from the family of Cinthia, but rather from the media, because his mother
never joined to try to promote this theory without arguments, or evidence that the

Does Cinthia speak
on all of these data contributed by Daniel Spinelli?