Aquaman 2: Fans gather 400 thousand signatures to get Amber Heard filming


Aquaman 2: Fans gather 400 thousand signatures to get Amber Heard filming(INSTAGRAM)
Aquaman 2: Fans gather 400 thousand signatures to get Amber Heard filming | INSTAGRAM

Up to the moment, and despite the evidence that exists against the actress, Warner Bros. has not confirmed or denied his dismissal.

The discomfort of the followers of DC has been growing increasingly so that the fans require Amber to stop the interpreter their role as Merely due to the scandals of his relationship with the famous Johnny Depp.

The scandal of abuse between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp to date, continues to have repercussions for the actress, especially after revealing alleged evidence that confirm that she was the one who assaulted the actor and not visceversa, as the actress claimed. Before this, fans gathered 400 thousand signatures for the interpreter not to take on the role of Mera in “Aquaman 2”.

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The above is performed through an open petition in where it is indicated that she has launched a campaign against her ex-husband, lying and editing evidence in order to show himself as a victim of abuse.

After the unexpected turn that he saw the history of violence that has engulfed the Depp and Heard, where the alleged victim happened to be the victimaria, different people around the world initiated campaigns to harm the artist, as a request to remove you as speaker of LÓreal and even also which is excluded from the DCEU, the latter being the most apoy has been part of the internet users.

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Since their problems of divorce with the actor, as well as many other tests that have been shown that it has abused dísicamente of their ex-partners have left desafortunamdamente very bad sight in the society.

Depp and Heard consummated their marriage in the year 2015, after 3 years of commitment. However in may of 2016, the actress solicitpo a restraining order against Depp, after having accused of physical violence. Jhonny flatly denied the facts, but in the end they ended up deciding that it was better to get a divorce in August of that same year by an agreement private in which Amber received the amount of $ 7 million that chose to donate to the charity.

The role of victim that she had interpreted Heard until a few months ago has broken down and could pay very expensive. At the beginning of this year revealed audios where Heard admitting that he hit his then-husband, and even poked fun at him for behaving “like a baby” agumertando that no one would believe it.

Everything indicates that the actress faked evidence to blame her now ex-husband, so that you can be sentenced to spend up to three years in prison. In this way the race of Heard, as well as their freedom, it seems they hang from a thread and that is in addition, to his luck, the petitions that are circulating on the internet have already reached a number of firms significant.

While the picture is very bleak for Amber, everything seems to indicate that Disney might seek once again to Depp for the franchise of Pirates of the Caribbean, work was lost due to the false accusations of his ex-wife.