Ariana Grande surprises her fans by showing her look of quarantine


During the current quarantine caused by the coronavirus outbreak, several celebrities have shown how is their life when they are not touring or working on any film, revealing looks that probably never would come out to the street.

One of them is the singer Ariana Grande, who is characterized by her hairstyle with a ponytail on the majority of the photos and videos you share on social networks, although on this occasion it was not so.

And is that the artist surprised his more than 180 million followers on Instagram to be seen with his hair natural, which is completely curly, in addition to having dyed the tips.

The post, which contains no text, amount to more than 7.8 million views and exceeds the 54,000 comments, where the users highlighted that look it goes very well and that should preserve it for a longer time.

“We love to see you with hair like this”, “You look very nice”, “Your natural hair is beautiful,” and “Definitely I love your hair like this”, are some of the comments that fans had written to him.

But not only the followers of Ariana reacted to this video, as also other celebrities like Katy Perry, Dove Cameron, Scott Nicholson and Austin Mahone we sent messages.

“Keep this look after the quarantine, please,” wrote Perry, and the singer Austin Mahone put it, “Jep, curls”.

Although the interpreter of “7 rings” looks phenomenal with her long ponytail, it seems that your “look and feel “quarantine” also fascinated his followers, and perhaps in the future we could see it a little more this way.

Previously, Ariana had already revealed that her hair is curly through an image posted on Twitter where she appears as a little girl.

“If I am honest… I am still wearing exactly the same as without tabs and my ponytail,” said on that occasion, the artist.


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