Bad Bunny strikes a double debut within the Top 10 on the Hot 100 Argentina


“Safaera” and “I dirty dancing Alone” are the new singles of the puerto rican artist in the ranking. “Tusa” is two weeks of historical record of the ranking.

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio – real name of the artist known as Bad Bunny – got a double debut at the Top 10 of the Billboard Argentina Hot 100 this week with their new singles “Safaera” and “I dirty dancing Alone“, located in the positions seven and eight respectively. Currently, the puerto rican artist has nine tracks within the ranking after the exit of his album YHLQMDLGwith the one who got a triple debut the week of its release – “We talk Tomorrow”, in collaboration with trapero argentine Duki and Paul Chill-E, currently out of the Hot 100; “The Difficult”, placed in the position 51 and “If I See Your Mom,” occupying the place number 75.

For its part, the success of the colombian artist Karol G and the u.s. Nicki Minaj, “Tusa” still in the race to become the song with most weeks at number one of the ranking. Currently, “Tusa” – whose video clip has more of 738 million reproductions in the Youtube channel of Karol G – spent 12 weeks in the highest. “Another Drink“, the panamanian Sech next to Darellholds the record with 13 weeks at the top.

On the other hand, the song that most places rose this week was “Tattoo“, the puerto rican artist Raúl Alejandro Ocasio Ruiz – more commonly known as Rauw Alejandro -, which managed to be placed in the position 27 after having made his debut in the 85 last week. Currently, the singer of 27 years, has four singles within the Hot 100: “Fantasies,“ along with Farrukoin the post number four; the aforementioned “Tattoo” in the 27th place; his collaboration with Sebastian Yatra and Manuel Turizo, “TBT“, achieving the 43rd guards position and finally, the remix of “Counting Dots” next to Anitta and Don Patricio closes its participation in the post number 100.

The colombian artist J Balvin continues to lead as the artist with the most singles within the chart11. “Red” – whose video clip has more of 80 million displays in their Youtube channel – managed to climb 21 positions, coming up to the step number 26, its best location up to the date. “Purple” and “White” – both present in his last album, Colors – found in places 13 and 39 respectively. Other colors Balvin, “Yellow” is the last incorporation of the colombian the chart, which entered this week at number 59.

Another of the embodiments of this week was the single of the couple Camilo and Evaluna, “For the First Time”, which it debuted at number 28. The colombian artist of 26 years, also features the songs “Tutu”, with Peter Hood“The Mouth”, in collaboration with the brothers Mau & Ricky and “The Hard” – single that debuted this week inside the Hot 100 in the positions numbers 22, 86 and 98 respectively.

This week, in total there were 10 some new additions to the rankingin order to positioning are: “Safaera” and “I dirty dancing Alone,” Bad Bunny in positions seven and eight; “For the First Time” in the 28th place; “Don Patrick: Bzrp Music Session“ of Bizarrap next to Don Patricio in the step number 55; “Yellow”, in the 59; “Lottery (Renegade)“ of K Camp, he made his debut in the post 71; “Unforgettable”, of Ovy On The Drums next to Beele is ranked 91; “Relationship”, of Young Thug Feat. Future, comes in a 93; “Blue and Gold”, the final single from Thunderenter in the 96, and finally, the mecionada “The Difficult”, at number 98.