Before the virus ‘Resident Evil’ Milla Jovovich is a true heroine


Do you pay attention to the comments or rumors on the internet that publish genuine fans of ‘Resident Evil’?

“The fans are more demanding, are a very small group of people and if you try to please them, fracasarías because even they agree. They are too passionate about specific details and even if reunieras ten in the same room, even they would agree in pointing out the best, because they love one part and hate the other. And in my opinion, if I were to try to please someone could end without to please everyone. We ourselves, as fans of the video game, we used to imagine the style of film that we felt that we would like to see as fans of ‘Resident Evil’. And while we did that, we were confident that we could find the public to think like us”.

Have you ever happened to be on the other side and want to get a selfie with someone famous that you admire?

“With Bill Clinton (laughter). I wanted to add it to my collection with Hillary, to have the whole family complete. When I met him, I was with my dress from Versace that I’m sure you did not care and said: ‘Hello, I’m Milla and I have a photo with his wife and I would love to add it too’ (laughing) and he said: ‘of course, sweet, come here.’ And later, my husband took the picture with an iPhone, all blurred (more laughter)”.

Do movie studios ever asked you to promotions of any product in particular as a way of ‘spreading’ your image among your fans?

“I don’t want to give names because Sony didn’t want to say anything controversial, but I definitely refused many times. I have asked for certain things from certain companies that I do not support and would never do anything to make them look good. And I got to say something like: ‘sorry, but I’m not going to promote ‘Resident Evil’ for that company’”.

Who would you like to film?

“I would love to work with Kate Beckinsale. I definitely want to work with Michelle Rodriguez too. In addition, I heard that Kate Hudson always wanted to shoot action movie and it would be good to work together in these coming years”.


In the film, the virus ‘Resident Evil’ takes the name of Tyrant Virus or T-Virus and the story has it that it was developed in a laboratory of the 60’s, inspired by the real Ebola virus, as a way of eliminating the need for a conventional army, creating a virus that could infect the entire population, guaranteeing a 100 per cent mortality. But with the passage of time, changed it to the one who passes out a lot stronger and instead of dying, the patient could continue to live, much more aggressive and even cannibalistic. As a result, instead of people affected with influenza and pneumonia, those infected by the T-Virus become zombies, while only 10 percent of the population that is immune is to escape with… Milla Jovovich, representing the main role of Alice.

SPOILER ALERT: In the last chapter of ‘Resident Evil’ it is known that the virus had actually been created by the founder of Umbrella Corporation in order to save his daughter, Alice, and a clone of it ends up releasing an anti-virus that deletes all the infected.