Camila Sodi and Werevertumorro already made the challenge of the pillow in Tik Tok, how about you?


MEXICO CITY.- The isolation for the cause of the pandemic coronavirus he has made us face all against the boredom. It is for this reason that we have had to dip into our creativity to entertain us and the social networks have been the perfect tool.

Tik Tok and Instagram have been the way to keep in contact, and the challenge that have been viralizando form communities in networks. This was the case in the #PillowChallenge, which consists of dressing, using a pillow.

Many have been the users that have joined this fun challenge and among the famous who have participated we find the following.

Camila Sodi

The protagonist of Ruby, it seems pretty restored after suffering from coronavirus. And for this challenge we gave you a touch rocker to his pillow, as it appears in the photo up with guitar and amplifier.


The famous youtuber Werever joined #PillowChallenge along with his girlfriend actress, Fernanda Blaz and they shared a video in which enters them with the choreography of Beyonce in the ‘Single Lady’.

Claudia Álvarez

The actress even gave advice with experts in the fashion for this look so chic #PillowChallenge.

In Tik Tok, we find the youtuber Kimberly Loaiza, who also wore her look of pillow and your best steps from the choreography of ‘Single Lady’.


What look is your favourite? What you have already tried the challenge #PillowChallenge?