¡Cardi B furious with Donald Trump! Do you blame his followers? “They’re not taking it seriously”


The day of yesterday, Bernie Sanders, a united States senator and presidential candidate, announced his withdrawal from the campaign. This gender confusion and concern around the world.

Sanders was the candidate to avoid that Donald Trump will continue at the helm of the country. Several artists expressed their opinion against the decision taken by the senator. Who else was surprised by was the rapper Cardi B. On the night of Wednesday, the brunette enraged in a live Instagram for the low participation of the youth in the popular decision, and continued his defence on Twitter.

“How do you know, Bernie left the race. Retired, And do you know what? I guess that was removed because, I’m watching, you probably saw that there was a good chance of winning”, started the singer. “Fuck me upset about that is that I see a lot of young people… on the internet lying. I’m hartando of you. I’m about to start going out with friends of my grandmother, they vote!”, I continue to be outraged.

“You will be like ‘we love you Bernie’. I’ve been seeing around Twitter like, love Bernie love Bernie, but they were not voting, were not voting! What the hell was going on with that?. This shit is too fucking serious and are not taking it seriously. At this time, in the state in which is located the united States, we don’t have time to play. You really have to think about yourself. We are about to enter another recession!” launched Cardi B to see that the public is not involved enough in the demands of the people.

Quickly his followers captured the complaints and shewithout hairs in the language struck out: “It is true… Our last world war ended in 1945 … I do Not try it. Oh I do this!”, making it clear that he does not regret fighting for what seems right to them.

The united states has seen in the last few hours 1926 deaths from coronavirus, bringing the total of deaths that round 15 thousand. In this way, is in the third place of countries with the most deaths so far, and it is expected that the final number in the northern territory is 60 thousand.