Cardi B will give away a million dollars to families in need by coronavirus


United States.- The rapper Cardi B joined with the clothing brand Fashion Nova to help families who need money to pay their expenses during the quarantine by the coronavirus.

Through the campaign Fashion Nova Cares, Cardi B, and the fashion house announced that they will be giving away a thousand dollars per hour for the duration of the campaign, until may 20.

To participate, families must send their stories to the page and 24 families will be selected on a daily basis.

Richard Saghian , founder and CEO of Fashion Nova, told TMZ the money will be delivered directly to the beneficiary families, without intermediaries.

People are struggling to pay the rent, buy food, medicines and other essential items for themselves and their families. We all feel compassion and concern for those affected by the coronavirus,” he confessed to the middle of shows.

In United Stateshundreds of families gather in the offices of government to request support for unemployment due to the crisis of coronavirus, so that the generosity of Cardi B and Fashion Nova could help more than one.


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