Chris Pratt leaves a look at the Wolverine and Hugh Jackman responds to him


No longer is among us the Wolverine a whole generation after the death of the character of Hugh Jackman in Logan, but in the hope that Marvel Studios will choose its new mutant fill of adamantium to the UCM perhaps we should make do with the version of cheap Chris Pratt.

The actor, who plays Star-Lord in the Marvel movies, has jumped on stories of Instagram a photo in which appears with a beard that connects with the hair of the head with a hardwood pin and a hairstyle scruffy. He accompanied the photo with the hashtag #quarantinewolvorine signing the cosplay more cheap Wolverine that we’ve ever seen.

Jackman responded to this photo and to share it in your social networking profile next to two images of the mythical dolls Troll (in reference to the hairstyle) and the word cute (nice).

This serves us as entertainment while we hope to make official the arrival of the X-Men to the UCM with a new Wolverine and the rest of their allies and enemies reimaginados with what we assume will be a cast of actors radically different from what we have seen to date in the film from Fox.

With a ton of movies already announced for phases 4 and 5 of the UCM we don’t expect to see the X-Men or The Fantastic 4 back in the cinema until 2023 at the earliest. Nor to the good of Deadpool, perhaps the character best taken advantage of many of the that Fox brought to the film.

Hugh Jackman already hinted in the past that a new actor was in the spotlight to succeed him as the Wolverine in the big screen. To date there has been no clues about who might be this actor.