Chris Pratt transforms into Wolverine


The quarantines enforced by the pandemic of the coronavirus have been put in confinement many celebrities which, with the passing of the days show that composing songs, do lives in social networks, or organize singing sessions are the best weapons to combat the leisure. Now it was the turn of the actor Chris Pratt who is put in front of the camera of his cell phone to show the world its own personification of Wolverine.

You have so many styles

Although Chris Pratt is already part of the Marvel universe, giving life to the famous Star Lord in the saga Guardians of the Galaxythat doesn’t prevent him from time to time to personify other characters of the same universe as in this case he chose to Wolverine for his next big act.

Through your account Instagram the histrión posted a photo of himself with the look characteristic that kept Hugh Jackman as Logan during the whole saga X-Men and during his own trilogy of films. Pratt was not by the branches trying to confuse his followers and instead, he wrote with large letters the word #QuarantineWolverine.

Chris Pratt Wolverine

Later he explained that to reach that look not had to do too much because the beard is totally real, as it has grown to such a point during his confinement and quarantine, which only had to despeinase a little hair, stop the wisps and put a face roughly to get to the character.

The photography was fun and encouraged many of his followers, but what was more incredible is that the same Hugh Jackman took a screenshoot of the storie and he shared in his personal account adding a sticker that has the word cute.

Chris Pratt Wolverine Hugh Jackman

Does this mean that Jackman approves of Chris as his successor in the character of Wolverine? Of course not, but it was a funny anecdote that certainly entertained the thousands of fans who right now are living the running of the bulls.

The next projects for Chris Pratt with Marvel include Guardians of the Galaxy vol 3 and, it is presumed that the character of such a film would also have an appearance and relevance in the next installment of the god of thunder Thor Love and Thunder. Although, of course, is information that is not yet confirmed at all.

Do you what to have been disguised during the quarantine?